Miss World Australia Finalist Makes A Shocking Revelation About Sexual Assault In A Facebook Live Video

The video is heart-wrenching.

Miss World Australia Finalist Makes A Shocking Revelation About Sexual Assault In A Facebook Live Video

An Australian model has revealed that she was sexually assaulted when she was 17. Adau Mornyang detailed the whole scene with the help of Facebook live video. Victorian Miss World Australia finalist, revealed the heartache which was caused by a traumatic incident.

The 22-year-old model was left in shock when the incident took place because she didn't expect it from the men she knew. The South Sudan-born model now lives in Melbourne, Australia. The brave model broke down as she recalled the incident which devasted her life. She even stressed on the unspoken rape culture in South Sudanese community of Australia.

The model shared the incident in an hour long video.

Know more about the details of the incident and watch the video.

She shared the incident after five years.



Adau Mornyang shared the incident which took place on 2nd January 2012. The incident has haunted her for more than five years now.

The incident took place in Adelaide.


The model lived in Adelaide at that time, and she turned to two male friends whom she knew from her community after she separated from her boyfriend.

She was seeking comfort from the friends. 


Both her friends offered her alcohol and told her that it will solve her problems and will also help her to forget about her ex-boyfriend.

But the alcohol only helped her initially.


In the beginning, everything was going good, but as soon as the alcohol took over her head, the two men tried to take control over her.

She also gave pseudonyms for the two men.


She used fictitious names for the two men, "John" and "Peter" and described the graphic detail of the assault which took place.

The model was raped on a concrete floor.


'What I remember was I was on a concrete floor, and I could hear the boys talking among them as I lay there in shock,' she said in the video. 

She was in shock after the incident.


The effect of alcohol was so high on her that she could not see anything properly and her body was also not moving.

She also explained how they raped her.


'They both struggled to spread my legs. 'Peter' had to hold my leg while 'John' did his business,' she said.

She also reported the incident to the police.


The two men were arrested within 24 hours when she reported the incident to the police. They were also charged on account of sexual assault.

But her community forced her to take the complaint back. 


Her community harassed and bullied her by saying that she asked for the assault to happen with her. She then dropped the case and shifted to Melbourne.

She was devasted and ashamed by the incident.


She shared the incident because she was fighting with it from the inside. The incident ruined her life in many ways. 

She also spoke about the unspoken rape culture in Sudanese community. 


She added, "I need you guys to understand something - especially us Sudanese people. Rape is not OK. No matter how drunk that girl is... that does not give you the right to violate her body."

She used the platform of 'Miss World Australia' to share her story.


Adau Mornyang will compete in the official crowning ceremony of Miss World Australia which will take place at Grand Hyatt Melbourne on 14th July 2017.

Currently, she is working with some charities.


She came to Australia as a refugee when she was ten years old. She also spoke of the Sudanese children in the community as they need help. They get acquainted with drugs and violence at a young age.

Take a look at the video.

She also urged other women to speak out and confront every wrong thing they have experienced.

Her bold move is truly inspiring.

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