Twitter Goes Crazy After Sonu Nigam Shaved His Head In Response To Maulvi

He did what he said!

Twitter Goes Crazy After Sonu Nigam Shaved His Head In Response To Maulvi

Indians on the Internet went crazy when Sonu Nigam made headlines for shaving his head on 19th April. As soon as the news started circulating on Twitter, reactions and tweets started flooding.

Sonu Nigam gave a perfect shock to the Maulvi from West Bengal who called him anti-Muslim. The cleric announced a reward of 10 lakh to anybody who will shave the singer's head and garland him with old shoes.

Let us see what actually went on Twitter.

People were waiting for this to happen after Sonu said that he is going to shave his head.


People also tweeted against the Fatwa system.

So will the Maulvi give him 10 lakh rupees now?

Many people are happy with Sonu's response.

People are remembering Yogi Adityanath as well.

Twitterati also took a dig at Maulvi.

Imam was also questioned by some people with the tweets.

Soundproof bedroom with 10 lakh rupees, it is a good idea.

The great Trump-McMahon head shaving scene, but hey Sonu was not forced.

Do the loudspeakers need to go?

Well, this is really an interesting one!

I don't think this newspaper is available in India.

This man wants Sonu to wear the garland of shoes because it was also the part of 10 lakh reward challenge.

Why Sonu Sood?

According to this user, Maulvi needs Burnol and I think he is right.

He said the same thing.

And finally the trend - kids, men, and legends.

I hope you enjoyed these funny tweets on Sonu Nigam's head shave move.

That's all, folks!


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