Sunil Grover Teaches Giddha To 'Baby Doll' Sunny Leone And Gives Out Best Vaisakhi Wishes

When humour met glamour.

Sunil Grover Teaches Giddha To 'Baby Doll' Sunny Leone And Gives Out Best Vaisakhi Wishes

On April 13, the fans of comedian Sunil Grover known for his popular character Dr Mashoor Gulati, had a reason to party. It was because the actor-comedian was spotted doing live commentary for IPL match played between Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab.

That was more to the show. Sunil grooved to the tune of 'Baby Doll' with Bollywood actress Sunny Leone and taught Giddha dance to Sunny giving a perfect treat to their fans on occasion of Vaisakhi, which fell on April 13.

Track down the video here.

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Comedian Sunil Grover was roped in by UC News to do Masala commentary for the IPL Match.


Bollywood's bold beauty Sunny Leone too joined Sunil in the live commentary.


Sunny donned a black outfit and Sunil wore a military green jacket on a striped vest.

The two appeared excited and relaxed in each other's company.

Sunny, in the video, can be seen enjoying playing cricket.

Apart from commentary, there were many things that Sunil and Sunny did to entertain.

Like their pom-pom fight which looked funny yet cute, isn't it?

Amidst all this, Sunil also got a chance to shake a leg with Sunny.

Moreover, Sunny taught few dance steps on 'Baby Doll' song to Sunil.

And on the other hand, Sunil taught Giddha, a traditional Punjabi dance, to Sunny.

Seemed like the two Punjabis celebrated the occasion of Vaisakhi to the fullest.

Both of them made their fans and viewers to laugh


Would you like to see both of them together again?