Inspiring Journey Of A Woman From The Doors Of Corporate Office To The Farms Of Organic Food  

An agent of change!

Inspiring Journey Of A Woman From The Doors Of Corporate Office To The Farms Of Organic Food  

It is never late to follow what your heart says, or follow your passions. Vishalakshi Padmanabhan has done just this. A chartered accountant by profession, working in the firm KM
& Co. (says her LinkedIn bio), Vishalakshi has been creating ripples with her work in the organic food industry. 

Working in and around Bengaluru, her farming collective, 'Buffalo Back' aims to make the complete process of farming, ranging from production to delivery, as sustainable as possible. She wants to minimise the usage of plastic bags. 

She works out of her farm in Bannerghatta forest, 40 km from Bengaluru, Karnataka. Now, she has an experience of nine years in farming. She thinks agricultural sector of the country needs her. 

Another lesson here, you have to find the right place for yourself to fit in and simultaneously make efforts to make your mark. 

Read on to learn her inspiring story, that will propel you to take the less-trodden but highly satisfying road to attain the ultimate goal of your life.   

Meet Vishala, aka,  (AKA Vishalakshi Padmanabhan), a chartered accountant.

Vishalakshi Padmanabhan's Buffalo Back

Vishala worked in the private sector for about four years but she wanted something else in life. Deep inside her heart, she knew that agriculture was her passion.


And so, Vishala made an effort to understand the dynamics of agriculture sector.

Vishalakshi Padmanabhan's Buffalo Back

Her concern towards the growth of farmers, the health of consumers made her change her mind and switch to a system that could benefit consumers living in urban areas and farmers living in rural regions.

Vishala has built a system to raise profit margin of farmers.

She named her venture as 'The Buffalo Back Collective' that includes farmers, consumers, and the environmentalists as its stakeholders. 

Buffalo Back looks after the requirements of urban people through traditional methodology. 

"If you want to be sustainable these days, you have to put in a lot more time and energy because people across the value chain have moved to plastic disposables," Vishala told The Economic Times.

Her aim is to make every food process sustainable as much as she can. 

Basic motto of Buffalo Back:

Vishala's concern was the health of people. To facilitate this, she gained knowledge about core practices of food production, supplies, and agricultural chain processes. Finally, she set up Buffalo Back collective.

Vishala has nine years of experience in farming. 

Vishala began organic farming on a small scale with no investors. Now, her venture has spread to surrounding areas. 

The Buffalo Back ensures the production and supply of safe food in the village and nearby regions.

By safe, she ensured the consumption of nutritious and wholesome food everywhere.

How does Buffalo Back work?

Vishalakshi Padmanabhan's Buffalo Back

The working revolves around cooperative or self-help format. Each person including farmer is held responsible for the work they do. Everyone is held accountable for everything, right from production to the distribution process. 

Vishala involves women of the village where she does farming.

Vishalakshi Padmanabhan's Buffalo Back

The village, where Vishala works, has only 16 families. The women of the village have also joined Buffalo Back to help Vishala in farming.

NGOs also support Vishala's organic food venture. 

The concept of waste-free agriculture has attracted many people. This has encouraged Vishala's initiative towards having a safe consumption. 

Buffalo Back's sustainable model ensures minimal wastage of food during production.

The farmers and women who are part of Buffalo Back have been taught how wastage can be put to best use. Like the leaves of plant 'Bringhraj'  are used to make hair oil. That's cool! 

Buffalo Back also deals with campaigns that focus on consumer awareness.

People are made aware of the benefits of the consumption of safe food without causing any harm to the environment.

One of the popular campaigns is, 'Root to Grains' camapiagn.

In this campaign, people are made aware of edible roots of plants, traditional grains and steps that can be taken for the consumption of healthy food.

Vishala's dedication towards the welfare of farmers, consumers, and environment is appreciable.

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Do you support her venture?