Why The Most Controversial Universities Of India Are Also The Top Ranking Varsities?

Let students study, politics can happen later!

Why The Most Controversial Universities Of India Are Also The Top Ranking Varsities?

For over a year, Jadavpur University, University of Delhi and Jawaharlal Nehru University have hit headlines for wrong reasons. A section of the students of these universities raised anti-India slogans. 

But according to the list released by human resource ministry, they are the top-ranked universities in India. 

Why is it so? Read on. 

Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar once joked that these universities are top ranked not due to their slogans but because of their infrastructure and quality education they impart. 



More than the education, the focus is on shaping the ideas of a student. JNU, DU, Jadavpur Universities are the bastions of left philosophy and any intruder was naturally opposed by them, especially RSS-backed Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. It was a fight of ideologies. 


Looking at the other side of the coin, these universities produce such fiery and steadfast brains who have an unwavering mind of their own. You just can't teach them what's right and what's wrong – these students go by their own rules. Such students make their universities the top universities because they have been shaped into such opinionated individuals who will define the future of India by their resolute ideologies, whatever that may be.


What I have observed that these students are not ready for someone to interfere with their freedom, liberal ideology and the way of thinking. Their thinking is way beyond bigoted ideologies - these universities purely stand for democracy, secularism and liberality on which our constitution is based.

Prakash Javadekar also said that one of the reasons these universities are top ranked is because of the good work done by students and faculty. Looking at his statement, we can assume that there's just a small faction in colleges and universities who are into creating chaos and controversies, while most of them just go by their educational pursuits.


Controversies aside, these universities have been giving us the best politicians, scholars and bureaucrats over the years. Their way of teaching and ambience can't be ignored by anyone.

These are the kind of universities other institutes can look forward to.

However, I think that politics should be banned in educational institutes and students should only be allowed to study. Students getting into political controversies doesn't really sound good; rather the students should go by what they are good at, i.e., studies.

There's whole life for politics, students' work is to learn.