Brave Victoria Graham Went Public With Her 25-Inch Scar For An Amazing Reason

She's such an inspiration!

Brave Victoria Graham Went Public With Her 25-Inch Scar For An Amazing Reason

The story of Victoria Graham is unlike any other. She was an uber-active child from Maryland. But at the age of 10, she'd get injuries that weren't normal.

It was 3 years later that Victoria was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danos Syndrome (EDS). EDS is a rare genetic condition to which there is no cure, there's only one option of surgeries & treatments to manage the condition.

Read on to know how Victoria Graham became a beauty queen & how she fights and comes up as a champion on a daily basis.

Till date Victoria has gone through multiple surgeries on her brain as well as spine.



In 2014, she had about 10 surgeries on her brain & spinal cord. Since then she has lived through more pain than one can imagine and still came out positive, successful and ready to take on more challenges. 

This picture was captured mid-2016 where half her back was scarred due to surgeries.


She used to be ashamed of her scars in the beginning, but now she is loud and proud about it enough to highlight it in her modelling and pageant projects.

She requires daily shots of blood thinners to get through each day.


She requires those pesky injections once or sometimes twice on daily basis to deal with blood clots. She even has to take pain medication to get through her day.

She competed in beauty pageants to check it off her bucket list.


After an early surgery, Victoria & her friend decided to enter beauty pageants as a bucket list challenge. But now, years later she does it to make people aware of such rare and invisible illnesses.

She spreads awareness about invisible illnesses wherever she goes.


Even for the talent part of her pageants, Victoria gives a speech about living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). 

She even has her own non-profit EDS support group called 'The Zebra Network'.


Victoria wasn't the only one whose doctors struggled to diagnose the EDS. Many people suffer from the condition without knowing what's wrong.

Since then she has helped several other people with EDS as well as other rare conditions. 


Victoria has often faced comments & discrimination due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome being invisible, which is the reason she goes out of her way to showcase her scars.

At present Victoria has a 25-inch long scar running across her back.

victoria graham and her 25-inch scar

What Victoria Graham has to say about the scar- "In my opinion, the 25-inch scar on my back is the most beautiful part of me. It makes me perfectly imperfect. It shows where I overcame a weakness, both literally and figuratively."

What an amazing woman! She is right, her scars do represent something impeccable and beautiful and anyone who judges her and her scars should be ashamed. Here's to hoping she achieves all the things she so desires and continues her inspirational journey!

We think she's extremely brave, do you?