Internet Users Hilariously Showcase Their Photoshop Skills To Troll Cristiano Ronaldo 

Hilarious versions of Cristiano's famous bust.

Internet Users Hilariously Showcase Their Photoshop Skills To Troll Cristiano Ronaldo 

Well, I'm one of those guys who is always late when it comes to finding out what is trending on the internet. And if I know about Cristiano Ronaldo's bust; then I assume that you know about it as well. But, what we might not have a clue about is how this whole statue thing has swallowed the entire internet generation.

While the bust has no similarity to Ronaldo's face, internet users have tried to make their versions of the statue just to show how horrible it is. Ronaldo, who is known as one of the most handsome men alive, has totally lost it when he saw the bust.

While his fans are yelling at its makers, let's have a look at what the internet trolls have done!

Here's the thing, the sculpture.


Now, because the bust didn't look anything like Ronaldo, this internet user put his creativity to work and made Cristiano Ronaldo look like the bizarre bust.

Since then, the bust is continuosly hauting Ronaldo's fans.

The bust was launched on Wednesday at Madeira Islands Airport which was named in Ronaldo's honor. 

Apparently, the bust looked horrible and didn't even match a single feature of Cristiano Ronaldo's face.

Apparently, this guy has tried his best to fix the face. No, not the bust; but Ronaldo's.

Even Jordan couldn't see it, and his bust started crying.

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Adorable Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo hasn't spoken a single word about what's going on.

Wait, this artist should get the photoshop prize of the year.

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LKeewa shared this picture on Twitter!

He wrote in the caption: "I don't know what you're talking about guys, I think the Ronaldo statue looks pretty good."

Ronaldo might have not looked as horrible as bust in his carbon copy.


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If you'd have asked me to do a version of the bust, I might have done the same.

Isn't this bust more beautiful than the actual one? Share your views about Cristiano Ronaldo's bust in the comment box.

That's all, folks!


Are these guys creative or what?