Amazon Just 'Copied' The Logo Of An Underdog Startup And Is Not Ready To Accept It

Is there any proof? 

Amazon Just 'Copied' The Logo Of An Underdog Startup And Is Not Ready To Accept It

Logo Status: Copied

Courtesy Status: Whaaat?!

Yes, we are talking about Amazon Network's web series Style Code Live. Basically a Talk Show, it features latest fashion trends delivered by experts and celebs. But there's one other thing that this show features, supposedly duplicated logo.

No don't get me wrong, Amaz-on is Amaz-ing and we totally agree but this genuine doubt raised by a startup CEO suggests something nasty (not literally) about Amazon. It's claimed that Amazon's web series shows off a copied StyleDotMe logo and when we tried to dig deep into the matter, we were pleasantly surprised by the findings.

Let me get you equally surprised...

Look closely, here we present the StyleDotMe logo.

amazon copied logo

Yes, the logo represents the 'trademark dot' that holds a unique importance to the budding startup's business logic. The StyleDotMe app has this feature where one can either dot and approve the fashion sense of a user or not him/her.

Sounds like this logo has a logic behind it, right?


But look closer at this one here!

amazon copied logo

Here, I suppose the designer was a bit confused and he decided to represent the ''code'' with a dot. A dot, that somehow looked similar to another dot (yes, the logical dot). The similarity was such that even the color codes were ''trying'' to match. But yes, they do have the same logo in several other color variants.

So how can we claim that it is copied? No, we are not claiming, we are just trying to analyze and decode the code!

Oh! They just said it!

Oh my gosh, I am really sorry, the term ''copied'' is a wrong usage here. Amazon Style Code Live's logo was allegedly ''inspired'' by the Style Dot Me logo.

But some brains are not ready to believe this!

So, who is right and who is more right?

Let's find out... 

What StyleDotMe has to say on this?

amazon copied logo

In Picture: Style Dot Me's proud user.

The founder, Meghna told WittyFeed, ''So we saw this some days ago for the first time and it was surprising to us. We tweeted saying Amazon getting inspired by StyleDotMe. We did not receive a response till now.''

She added, ''StyleDotMe came on the Google Play Store for the 1st time in January 2014, and we are seeing the same logo since then.''

Hmmm... what about Style Code Live?

What Amazon has to say on this?

What Amazon has to say on this?

This is the problem, Amazon said nothing and that's why we had to create this story!

The web series launched in 2016 i.e. two years after the official launch of StyleDotMe. But this is still not proving that the logo is copied. 

Maybe it's just that two minds in two different parts of the world just thought too similarly.

So Amazon...

So Amazon...

We are confused! Really confused! Copied, inspired, original, coincidence or what?

Help us understand guys!

Do you think the logo is copied/inspired?