'Mirza Juuliet' Stars Talk About The Movie & Reveal Something That You Must Know Before Watching It

A candid interaction with the team of 'Mirza Juuliet'.

'Mirza Juuliet' Stars Talk About The Movie & Reveal Something That You Must Know Before Watching It

WittyFeed caught up with the team of 'Mirza Juuliet' during a press conference in Delhi.

Slated to release on April 14, 2017, the film is being described as a story of love, lust, hatred, trust, companionship, and deceit set in the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh. Directed by Rajesh Ram Singh and written by Shanti Bhushan, 'Mirza Juuliet' stars Darshan Kumar (NH10, Mary Kom, Sarabjit) and Piaa Bajpai (Laal Rang) in the lead roles. While Singh and Bhushan briefed the media about the film, the acting duo mostly talked about their respective roles and chemistry.

When asked about the movie's playful title that seems to fiddle with historical accuracy, director Rajesh Ram Singh clarified the title's relevance. "Actually, this is the story of a guy named Mirza and a girl named Juuliet Shukla and is shot in Mirzapur and Banaras. The film has a strong flavor of indigenous humor, and the credit for that goes to our writer Shanti Bhushan," explained Singh.


Bhushan added, "The language of UP has a certain flavor to it, especially the dialect is predominantly spoken in the eastern part of the state, and so we have tried our best to take care of even the minutest of the details ensure that even a minor character gets the various nuances right."

When asked by WittyFeed to explain her character in the film, Piaa Bajpai said, "The character of Juuliet Shukla is a carefree soul who also happens to be a blabbermouth. She is fearless, a pampered kid who doesn't get intimidated by anyone. You just don't want to mess up with her."

Explaining the different layers of his character, Darshan Kumar told WittyFeed, "Mirza has had a troubled childhood, and so he is really keen on starting afresh. When he meets this beautiful girl named Juuliet, he just falls in love with her." Darshan also talked about the element of unpredictability in movie's plot that will keep the viewer guessing until the very end.

While answering a question from WittyFeed about the film's casting choice, Singh said, "For the role of Mirza, I was looking for someone very unconventional as per the demands of the script. I had just seen NH10 and so, I went to meet Darshan and the decision was made."

Singh further added, "For the role of Juuliet, we basically needed a sweet girl who could play the character with a touch of carefreeness and boldness. It was here that Piaa fit the bill perfectly."

Meet the team of Mirza Juuliet.

Meet the team of Mirza Juuliet.

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