Our Politicians Are Not Above The Law, Let's Stop Them Being Megalomaniacs!

Time curb our politicians from behaving like unrepentant goons!

Our Politicians Are Not Above The Law, Let's Stop Them Being Megalomaniacs!

The other day I was traveling from Delhi to Kolkata by Air India direct flight, the official airline for all the VIPs of the country. The flight was scheduled to depart at 12:10 pm but I, with my family, kept waiting for 2 hours and 40 minutes. I had no problem, but my aged parents were completely exhausted when the aircraft finally took off. When we reached Kolkata, they required medical attention!  

In the meanwhile, we kept asking the staff about the take-off, but their response was mixed – they said there was a technical problem while some said that few passengers were yet to board. Though there was no clear reply from the staff, passengers could figure out themselves that the airline was waiting for a VIP. Frequent Air India travelers generally know that, but this day the wait was too long, the passengers lost their cool and started arguing with the staff.

Enter the VIP!

Just when the argument started heating up, a politician entered with swagger and a winning smile. The staff got busy in attending the politician and the passengers just couldn't do anything, may be because the politician came with his staff, including his official security. And, the common man was again silenced! Life continued as usual. WTF!



My question is, why do airlines pamper VIPs in the first place? Then, one fine day, VIPs start behaving like pampered citizens, not ready to listen to the good advice. And then, when you ask them to behave, they hit back like unruly kids, no? That's a result of too much indulgence.


To curb their wayward ways, let's begin with banning them, one airline at a time. Air India has taken a good step, together with another 6 private airlines which have decided to ban rowdy politicians. Truly, this will give them the required dose on how to behave. Ravindra Gaikwad, Shiv Sena MP from Maharashtra, who assaulted a senior Air India staff of 60 years with his sandals over an argument on business class seat in an economy class Airline, is one of the examples.

The staffer explained that it was an economy aircraft and that there were no business class seats, to which Mr. Gaikwad lost his cool and hit the senior staffer. The witness present said that, Ravindra Gaekwad, the Shiv Sena MP was not ready to understand the situation at all, which anyone with common sense could easily understand. We have a history of such incidents happening every now and then.

In another incident, a single politician took airline bus from the aircraft, while the passengers walked to the terminal, just because they were not VIPs.  Every time the common man is the victim!


What's the solution from this menace? How can we stop unruly politicians from behaving like megalomaniacs? The best way is to start banning them in personal capacity. For example, if they misbehave in malls, the authorities can ban their entry. If they misbehave with media, the media house should ban them. Banning them wherever they are creating a menace is one of the ways to curb them. After all, they have a mandate and they should behave decently as public servants.

You and I, and I am sure everyone else may have faced problems due to VIPs, mostly related to traffic stoppage, flight delays or as students, when we were unnecessarily made to stand, just because a politician was the Chief Guest. Not to forget ambulances getting stuck in their fucking political rallies and patients dying on the way.

Man, seriously, we just want you to become more sensitive and cultivate a little bit of common sense.    

In my opinion, for the problem to discontinue, let's all unite to ban them wherever they have created or creating a ruckus. Sounds like a good idea to me, what about you?