10 Photos That Show The Weird Side Of Indians 

Unusual frames.

10 Photos That Show The Weird Side Of Indians 

Smartphone owners, give me a cheer! And, all those people who love Indian Jugaad. You come across several photos clicked by your friends and families. All those are then shared by you and then on several internet platforms. 

In the process, you come across some hilarious clicks and some rather exceptional pieces of work, widening your keyhole and the way you see the world. Not only that, then there are some who get influenced by some of the celebrities and try and recreate what they saw. Therefore, Indians make a complex society. Even parents get to play a role in this cycle when they do some unexpected things on the land of dreams. You will find them well-mannered, disciplined on the one hand and doing unusual things on the other a.k.a. flaunting their kid's achievements in a way which makes him/her shy.  We've dug into some of the funniest pictures that went viral on the internet. Here are the selected pieces.

This is called the Bappi Lahiri style!


If you find a person who is a moving shop of jewelry, suck it up because it is part of his lifestyle.

Bragging Goals

Car with parents' name

Indian parents have no defined limits of bragging about achievements of their kids. Every Indian kid is like, "Our son doing better than others."

Bragging bandwidth starts from kid's birth that continues till death...of the parents!

They are best at parking!

Road accident


So, this one is ready for dispatch!

Child in handbag

When alcohol is everything.

Boys' snap on Holi

This would be in the name of #Alcoholgoals.

Need for speed.

Road mishap

And the award for being resourceful goes to...!

Garage on road

The inventor of the automobile has just died!

When pooping schedules are in line with train arrival schedules.

Dirt on railway platform

Waiting for their turn to poop.

Meet the selfie king!

A boy takes selfie

And the Indian Messi..oh wait..it's Massi!

Woman with 8 pitchers

Balancing act!

I don't give a fuck, I am the king!

Man on truck

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Do you find these pics bizarre?