An Open Letter To Myself: Loss, Love & Life Lessons...

This is not a birthday wish!

An Open Letter To Myself: Loss, Love & Life Lessons...

Dear Leena,

I am not wishing you 'Happy Birthday' bcoz I know you never liked it. You never wanted to get gathered by a lot of smiles chanting for you. It's okay!

I have seen you growing, I have witnessed every single second of your life. Those early days, weeks, months, years... and the years till the date... I just wonder how time flew and you reached here.

Life was just not at all fair to you many times. And it will never be... This was the truth I always wanted you to understand. I must say, you have handled it bravely and I want you to stay strong in the days to come as well.

I am sorry that I am taking you back to all those bitter days and making you recall them. But all I want is to thank you for listening to me always and never leaving me aside. I know you cursed me and almost killed me for million times when life left you broken into pieces. We both were parted into distances... but you never left me.


You remembered me and felt grateful towards me when you had all the joys and smiles with you. We were so together, and you kept hugging me. You knew well, we complete each other. You understood from the very beginning that we live for each other. And it always ran two sided.

I also couldn't leave you bcoz there's no space in this universe that exists for me. But it's you and only you. Inside you.

You have grown stronger beautifully. You have reached so far. And there's still much more to face and more than that to achieve. Trust me, we both will move together. Circumstances may drag us into difficulties, but I won't leave you. Have faith in me, we both have seen some amazing days in our life, and we always will...

I will do my best to get all your dreams fulfilled. But you will have to stay committed and keep moving just like you did earlier. So many things will come, so many hurdles and hard stuff, but I trust, you will cross everything bravely.

Just remember the only thing that kept you alive..."your YES to never give up."

I know you will make every great thing happen in life. Once again, thank you for all the love and support. Let's have a great life!

Your InnerVoice