Huts With No Sunlight Finally Get A Ray Of Hope When...

Poor have bright future ahead!

Huts With No Sunlight Finally Get A Ray Of Hope When...

There are several villages in India where people who stay in huts are forced to do all the household work in dark even during day time. Their thatched huts don't allow enough sunlight to enter and they have no access to electricity.

To address this issue, global beverage brand Pepsi has joined hands with Liter of Light to make difference to the lives of people who live in areas where there is no electricity.  

As part of Pepsi's commitment to improve lives of poor people who live around their bottling plants, the brand's team in partnership with Liter of Light launched a project that provided electricity to villages around their plants in Bharuch (Gujarat) and Mamandur (Tamil Nadu). 

It was the ingenuity and simplicity of the idea that prompted Pepsi to take this mission forward and create the campaign. 

Headquartered in Phillippines, Liter of Light is a global, open source movement aiming to provide ecologically sustainable and cost-free lighting for simple dwellings with thin roofs.

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