Your Last Text Message Says A Lot About You 

“Who put the fox to bed?"

Your Last Text Message Says A Lot About You 

On Monday Elaina Plott, who is a writer for The Washington Post, turned to Twitter to post a very interesting little tweet, which ultimately landed up turning into a viral challenge.  

Read below to find out more.

The tweet


In February of this year, The Washington Post decided to change their slogan from "The Paper that Digs Deeper" to "Democracy Dies in Darkness". The strange slogan change created much speculation and controversy, and in the aftermath of these events, writer Elaina Plott decided to tweet, "The last text message you sent is your newspaper slogan", as a little Twitter challenge or game for her followers.

An unexpected viral response 

unexpected viral response 

The last thing Ms Plott expected was for her little challenge tweet to go as viral as it did, and before long hundreds of responses started pouring in. Below I shall be sharing some of the most hilarious response 'slogans' with you:

Your phone sucks

Just indigestion 

Yeah I'm this guy now

I'm odd

Home before 7 with beer

Who put the fox to bed?

Oops, I lied

I don't care; he's still a Good Dog 

Debbie Nel