Stayzilla CEO Arrested Hours After Posting "Help! I need everybody" On Blog, Co-Founder Gets Threat To Child's Life!

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Stayzilla CEO Arrested Hours After Posting

The Indian startup ecosystem went under unrest when the news of the Bengaluru-based online homestay booking marketplace Stayzilla's CEO, Mr Yogendra Vasupal's sudden arrest broke out.

It was only last month in February 2017 that Stayzilla had suspended its operations and now its CEO is arrested by Chennai Police on the grounds of fraud. The report against Stayzilla has it that Jigsaw Advertising had filed charges of fraud of INR 1.72 Cr against Mr Yogendra. 

The arrest that took place late night on March 14 followed by questionings led by Assistant Commissioner of Police S Muthuvel Pandi and Inspector Anand Babu of the entrustment fraud wing of the Central City Crime branch.

Let's get a deep insight of Mr Yogendra Vasupal's article that he wrote on right before his arrest and find out how he ended up in this trouble.

''Help! I need everybody...''


This is what he titled his blog and then went on to mention the two cases where he got himself stuck. 

Case #1: Landlord Dispute

To ease the complexity of the case for my readers to understand, I am modifying his words so as to provide you a quick read into the whole thing.

The co-founders of Stayzilla and their landlord were not sharing good terms since long and after working out of the office for a year, Yogendra decided to sit-down and talk it out with the landlord during January end. But, the talk did not go well as the landlord chose to insult Yogendra on his failing business, saying that his failure has defamed his building. *Strange remark*

Post their meeting, Stayzilla's admin had regular complaints against the landlord due to his interference and unwelcoming attitude towards the office staff. To help you understand this better, the smoking zone in the company had to be shifted from basement to the terrace due to landlord's false remarks against the female employees who used smoking zone.

This was enough for Yogendra to move to Police Station to file a complaint. But, he was asked to come the another day @9:30 am only to have the FIR registered @2 pm after he showed the video evidence.

''I am after justice and not revenge''

These were his words while filing the complaint. But the landlord had different plans as he sent some folks outside Stayzilla's Bengaluru office to trouble the people there. This made the Stayzilla CEO contact the senior Police Officer who then sent 2 flying squads to the site. 
What Yogendra saw further was yet another matter of shame. He saw 4 policemen pleading the landlord for a good 2.5 hours to get him out of the premises.

Already feeling bad? Read on...


The footage of Yogendra's meeting with the landlord!

The video has landlord in White Check Shirt (in aggression) showing his back while Yogendra in White Shirt & Black Pants defending the admin.

Twitter's reaction to the case!

Now, let's dig the Case #2: Media Agency

What happened on March 9th?

What happened on March 9th?

Two policemen ran into Yogendra's home asking him to come with them to the police station where their senior was waiting for Yogendra. The Stayzilla CEO wasted no time and immediately called his lawyer who helped him get his facts straight that no policemen can take him into custody without any arrest warrant.

*Arguments continued...*

The Jigsaw Advertising had filed a case of cheating and intimidation against him. Yogendra told the policemen that there had been a dispute going on b/w the two companies since long and that Stayzilla was since long advising the Ad agency to go for a legal battle as they saw no other way out. 

But the point that can raise many eyebrows here is the fact that Stayzilla had already filed a complaint of the threatenings that they used to receive, in Bengaluru Police Station and there was no need for the officials to have called him to Chennai Police Station for the same.

What Yogendra's suspicious eyes noted here was that the Chennai Inspector was present at the Bengaluru Police station as well and he quickly sensed the conspiracy.

Yogendra's lawyer was then asked to draft a response to settle the matter till March 13th. The same day, policemen went to Sachit Sanghi house asking for him without any reason leaving his parents baffled.

Note: The call conversations of Policeman & Vendor and what all Yogendra further discovered in the case can be found here.

The observations that Yogi drew!

The observations that Yogi drew!

Yogi's wife's take on the whole case (as mentioned by her in the blog):

Yogi's wife's take on the whole case (as mentioned by her in the blog):

A delivery to Sachit Sanghi's home:

A delivery to Sachit Sanghi's home:

Now, this is something truly unacceptable and extremely scary that happened with Mr Sachit Sanghi. This threat has left everyone in utter shock and proves something concrete about this whole case.

Will the Indian Startups stand against the wrong-doing?

Will the Indian Startups stand against the wrong-doing?

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Is Stayzilla's CEO's arrest justifiable?