UP Election Results: Bhartiya Janta Party Is Back With A Bang! 

BJP to rule in 3 states, while congress in 2.

UP Election Results: Bhartiya Janta Party Is Back With A Bang! 

Bhartiya Janta Party is back with a bang! After awfully losing elections in Bihar and Delhi by a huge margin, BJP is finally all set to rule Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand and Manipur (Probable Coalition). Congress is all set to rule Punjab and there's tough battle in Goa, though inclining in favour of Congress.

In Uttar Pradesh, BJP is back in power with a clear majority after a long span of 16 years. The party is ahead with 317 seats, while SP+Congress is ahead with 68 seats and BSP with 20 seats. That's a stark margin among parties.

Now let's analyse what has really worked in the favour of BJP. Is it Modi wave? Is it the policies of central government like demonetization – a unique step to seize black money and intensify digital payments?

Or is it simply anti-incumbency factor? The most surprising element is that BJP has won in Uttar Pradesh among other states without any CM face. That means it's out and out Modi's victory in all the three states.



But surely that's not exactly Modi Wave. It may be the result of the effective policies implemented by the government, one of them being demonetization, among others such as Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan, Digitization, Smart Cities etc. What has made voters put so much trust in Modi? Besides effective policies, it's his superlative ability to take quick and hard decisions. The people of UP are politically mature and their political acumen is unprecedented. The constant family fight in the Yadav Clan worked in favour of BJP, while the coalition between the Congress and Samajwadi Party did not go down very well with the public. Another reason being that public wanted a change, a change that could be new beginnings for their state, their future and their coming generations. Again proved that it's very difficult to read a voter's mind!


Looking at Uttrakhand, the people wanted drastic change and the anti-incumbency factor was in full play with the BJP marching ahead on as many as 58 seats out of total 70. That indicates a clear majority and a massive political shift. The congress was ruling in Uttrakhand under Harish Rawat and this is a clear sign of anti-incumbency factor as well as Modi's policies sweeping the elections with a thundering margin.


In Manipur, BJP is ahead with 27 seats compared to congress 23 seats, out of the total 60 seats. This might be a coalition – as the BJP sources claim.

Now BJP is all set to rule the politically most important state of India, Uttar Pradesh, which has always decided the future of Indian politics. The picture is absolutely clear now.  

Coming to Punjab, Congress is ahead with 76 seats compared to AAP 23 seats and Akali+BJP 18 seats. The Akali and BJP coalition is in power from the last 10 years, resulting in the state dangerously getting into drugs, wasting its youth and future generations. The Government was unable to handle this menace and that's why this change is most welcome. Hopefully, congress will bring the much-needed change. Also in Goa, Congress is ahead with 16 seats while BJP is second with 13 seats – a coalition might take place in this tightly contested election.

All in all, BJP is the clear winner today with the massive victories in three important states while for congress – way to go!