Passenger Causes Hawaiian Flight To Divert After Being Charged $12 For A Blanket

Who was right?

Passenger Causes Hawaiian Flight To Divert After Being Charged $12 For A Blanket

When it comes to the safety of passengers, airlines act in the most active way.

We've heard of cases where a little wrong intention of someone travelling in the plane has called upon forces of security. And here comes yet another incident.

A 66-year-old man was accused of diverting the Hawaiian Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu. He reportedly caused the flight to be diverted since he refused to pay $12 for a blanket.

Officer Rob Pedregon from Los Angeles airport police said that the elderly person was feeling cold and hence requested for a blanket. When he was told that he would be charged $12 for the same, the passenger threatened the worker insisting that he should not be charged because it was cold on the plane.

"I would like to take someone behind the woodshed for this." -- the unidentified person said this during the in-flight call. On hearing this, the pilot deemed it to be a threatening behavior from the unruly passenger and subsequently ordered that the plane should be diverted to Los Angeles.



The footage revealed that the man was wearing a hoodie and a baseball cap. 

However, FBI agents and the police met the passenger, and after questioning both sides, they determined that no crime had been committed.


Pedregon said that the case may not be the oddest of all he has handled 'but it ranks right up there'.

Out of sarcasm and to give a happy note to the ending, Pedregon said: ''You know, if I was a passenger on board that plane I would have paid the $12 for him.''


The plane was back in the sky after four hours. On Thursday, the man caught another flight to Hawaii.

Have a look at the footage here!

Was the passenger's reaction correct?