12 Hilariously Brilliant Tweets That'll Create a Laugh Riot

It's been hours and I still can't stop laughing!

12 Hilariously Brilliant Tweets That'll Create a Laugh Riot

Every second, on an average almost 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter. All of these brings us to the figure of 3,50,000 tweets per minute, and nearly 500 million tweets per day.

Amazed? Well, I'm not done yet.

If I tell you the number of tweets posted each year, then you might have to sit and count up to 200 billion. Yes, Twiterrati have crossed all limits when it comes to using Twitter.

Now don't panic! I'm not here to make you read 200 billion tweets, but while we're still alive and breathing, we can't dare to miss these hilarious tweets which deserve our attention. 

So check them out!

#1 Pretty soon YouTube gonna be like, UBER.


#2 And that's how I prepare my shake every day! Spoon, please?

#3 Her boyfriend doesn't even know what she was trying to prepare on their first date.

#4 Dude, it's middle-class. They don't waste money on towels and curtains separately.

#5 Haha! Though we don't make fun of legends, but this tweet is meant to be here.

#6 Seems like he's asking to keep the odd one out? Who'd you choose by the way?

#7 Our story. Isn't it relatable?

#8 Imagine what would happen if she gets to play opposite Johnny Depp? Both would look confused. Bwhaha.

#9 So basically this guy is looking to loose something. Anyone up for help?

#10 Raise your hands If you want to see Ishant Sharma on special edition packets of Parle-G.

#11 Babes, now is that okay?

#12 That's my journey from an intern to being a boss.

Aren't all of these tweets amazing? 

That's all, folks! Happy tweeting!

Are you still laughing?