21 Intensely Satisfying Things That Will Soothe Your Heart (Video)

You'll crave to jump in!

21 Intensely Satisfying Things That Will Soothe Your Heart (Video)

Have you ever played with wet sand? It's fun when you put your hands or feet in the sand.

Okay, leave! I'm sure you must have killed time in playing with dough. You lose track of time while poking your fingers into it and making designs.

No matter to what age group you belong, you get perky at the instance of watching something thrilling.

But it isn't possible for us to play with these things whenever we want to. Therefore, here I have a list of videos that will give you the best brain massage ever because these are equally soothing to watch. 

#1 Can't you almost feel this pleasure yourself?


#2 Feel the soothing powers of the unending strings.

#3 Imagine you're the one cutting it.

#4 It gets so WONDERFULLY chopped.


#5 If that satisfied you... what if we change the prop?


#6 That seems like a larger form of chewing gum.

#7 That's magic... isn't it? And you would wish your work to be done with the same perfection!

#8 Believe me... this video has given me immense pleasure.

#9 Just watch that pleasing slicing of... I don't know what! Lol! 

#10 So determined to come back to its original form.

#11 This is how does one go about creating a soft puddle of happiness.

#12 And I'm just sitting here trying to figure out what she's cutting.

#13 Emm... can you please get me some of that?

#14 What if these were cereal and milk? Looks yum!

#15 This will make your insides mollify.

#16 And coming out with a clean hand... Always!

#17 How badly do you want to crumple this?

#18 I could probably watch this for an hour.

#19 Wait for it... wait for it... wow!

#20 This can help you let out your anger (in a fast forward version).

#21 Or how desperately you want to press your fingers through this semi-solid substance?

I know these made your day! You're welcome!

I know these made your day! You're welcome!

Did you find this soothing?