ESPN Anchor Complains Of Ill-Treatment By Crew Members On A SpiceJet Flight 

The row over ill treatment aboard a flight.

ESPN Anchor Complains Of Ill-Treatment By Crew Members On A SpiceJet Flight 

Mumbai-based couple Karan Ambardar and Shilpa Aggarwal claimed that they were threatened and illegally detained by the crew of SpiceJet airline during the Mumbai-Delhi flight. Karan is an anchor at Sony ESPN and Star Sports, says his Facebook bio. He used Facebook to inform the world of the ill-treatment he faced. 

The row took an ugly turn after the crew failed to provide his choice of meal even after Karan had upgraded his seat at the time of check-in by paying an additional sum of Rs. 2,000.

Karan has not mentioned the flight number in his post, though. The Facebook post is dated March 2.

Have a look at what Karan has to say, the explanation SpiceJet offered, and how people reacted on internet. 

Here is the Facebook post by Karan.

Text of Karan' Facebook page


Karan goes on telling about the "obnoxious treatment."

More of Karan's Facebook text

Karan elaborates on tortuous treatment...

Karan wants world to know

In just two days, the post has garnered nearly 8,500 shares and some 294 comments on Facebook.

This is the FIR filed by Karan against SpiceJet.

A copy of FIR

The FIR mentions the cause of offence

Facsimile of FIR

The FIR with signature of complainant

Complaint in FIR

In response to the allegations, this is what SpiceJet has to say.

SpiceJet offers explanation

Catch Karan's Facebook post here.

This is the reaction of people on Karan's post, on Facebook.

People come in Karan's support

Do you agree with what Karan has to say?