LOGAN Movie Review: Hugh Jackman's Final Appearance As Wolverine Is Gritty And Brutal

James Mangold has changed the landscape of superhero movies.

LOGAN Movie Review: Hugh Jackman's Final Appearance As Wolverine Is Gritty And Brutal

Logan is here, finally. He has arrived in theatres near you. But before you chose to book your ticket and bid farewell to one of the most violent superhero characters, allow me to share my thoughts on the much awaited superhero movie of the year.

Logan is sentimental, solemn and ultraviolent of all the nine films featuring Wolverine in the lead or cameo. The first scene is enough to tell you that Logan is unlike any other X-Men movie, or any other superhero movies. It is set in 2029.

Logan makes his living as a limo driver. He looks old and haggard, a far shadow of same person, who once finished goons in seconds. He has become nurse to Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart).

But things soon change for Wolverine as he is attacked by a group of mercenaries led by Donald (Boyd Holbrook)  who are looking for a girl named Laura (Dafne Keen). Wolverine warns Donald to stay away from him as he has changed and is no longer the same person.

Things go from bad to worse for Logan. A nurse named Gabriela desperately needs his help, which Wolverine refuses. After some time, the same woman orders Logan to help save her daughter Laura and take her to a safe place.

And then, the film actually starts. A young girl Laura and Wolverine get involved in bloodiest fights where skulls are detached and decimated.

The movie is Rated R due to ultraviolent scenes

Gasping for breath

The scene where Wolverine fights Wolverine is one of the best fighting scenes in the movie but has lot of blood which many people with faint heart can't bear.


Written and Directed by James Mangold.

Actors' pensive moods in Logan

James Mangold has directed some of the best movies like Walk the Line and Cop Land but the two Wolverine films are his best and you have to admit it. He has made a superhero film which has family drama and violence both in single package.

End of Patrick Stewart as Professor X.

Staring hard

Patrick Stewart has played the role of old Charles Xavier in the X-Men franchise, and he has done it with perfection. He did not disappoint the franchise lovers this time too, as he showed the same care and affection towards Logan. But like Jackman, it was his final appearance as Professor X. 

Hugh Jackman delivered another stellar performance.

Hugh Jackman in Logan

For me, Hugh Jackman will always be Wolverine. He is the first person that comes to my mind when I think about X-Men. But all good things come to an end and so does Jackman's appearance as Wolverine. He has been remarkable in every film, and I am sure Logan will be marked as his best performance ever.

Who's the villain?

The Logan film crew

Well, the main villain of the film is Dr Rice (Richard E. Grant), but for me, it was the 'Terminator handed' Donald Pierce. Had his role been increased and if the movie had one-on-one fight scene between Donald and Jackman, it would have been a delight for the fans.

Dafne Keen gave a memorable performance.

Dafne Keen in Logan

The whole movie is mainly based on Laura, and her screams are still making my ears burst. She is the one who holds the key to the movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed a young girl who's just 12 years old who peforms such a brutal role with perfection. 

Music by Malco Beltrami

Malco Beltrami

"I hurt myself today to see if I still feel, I focus on the pain, the only thing that's real." This line summed up all the pain and hurt which Logan went through. James Mangold's choice of making Johnny Cash's Hurt to be the soundtrack of Logan was the best thing that could happen to the movie. The song really relates to Wolverine's hard, brutal life.   

One thing that I find strange about the movie was...

Wolverine in Logan

How could Logan suddenly turn old? What happened to his superpower? This is something for which I would like to criticise James Mangold. Just because you don't want Hugh Jackman to continue as Wolverine doesn't mean that you are going to make Wolverine so helpless.

Some interesting things about the movie

A still from Logan

The movie is based on the comic 'Old Man Logan.' Most films run in flashback. But plot in this movie runs eight years ahead. This will be Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart's last movie with X-Men franchise. And more importantly, it is darker than any other Wolverine movie.

So do you want to know how many stars did Logan collect from WittyFeed?

A stellar performance in Logan

Logan's cinematic journey began 17 years ago in a forest where a young Hugh Jackman as Wolverine made money from fighting in cages. And here we stand, after 17 years and now, Logan is driving a limo for his living. Through this scene, we can say that time has passed, and Logan has turned old.

A young girl named Dr Jean Grey saved him then, and at the end of his journey, it took another girl to show him who he really is.

The movie is a perfect adieu for Hugh Jackman as 'The Wolverine.'

Logan: 4.5/5


Is Hugh Jackman's role in Logan too brutal?