MEET Honey Bee, The Blind Adventurous Cat Who Loves To Hike Like Humans

Forget the three blind mice, this cat will flip that story.  

MEET Honey Bee, The Blind Adventurous Cat Who Loves To Hike Like Humans

Honey Bee, the blind cat, was rescued from Animals Fiji, a sick animal care centre in Fiji Islands. Honey Bee, which lives with her owner in the Carribean island, is an adventurous cat.

Despite being blind, her other sense organs help her as it hikes, sits by the ocean or lounges around at home. 

Check her pictures out! 

Images via Facebook

Who says cats don't like to hike? 

A hiking cat

Honey Bee loves to do that. She takes a split. She walks for some time and climbs her owner's shoulders. 


Life is full of adventure for this feline creature.

I am adventurous

She loves going out, likes listening to ducks quacking, birds chirping. She even enjoys the sound of pouring water. 

Honey Bee has captured the hearts of thousands of people and she even has her own website. 

Life is beautiful

Those who visit her website can even purchase t-shirts for $1 and donate that money to Animals Fiji. 

Her owner writes:

Honey Bee sleeps

'Honey Bee was enchanted the first time she heard the voices around. She was inquisitive'. 

Climbing is her favourite hobby. 

Sky is the limit

She is not scared of anything around. Her owner says she has seen Honey Bee aware of edges around. She says the cat knows when to stop walking if there's no way ahead. 

Look at that little paw! 

Honey Bee's paw

Don't you love this cutie? 

Honey Bee sits elegantly on lawn

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Honey Bee teaches us a valuable lesson, don't you agree?

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