Meet The Man Who Helped Over 1 Lakh People To See Again

Humanity still exists! 

Meet The Man Who Helped Over 1 Lakh People To See Again

Dr. Sanduk Ruit, an ophthalmologist from Nepal has been serving the blind and visually impaired people from quite a long time. He has cured more than 1,20,000 people and has no plans of stopping the campaign. He has even set up the Himalayan Cataract Project to provide quality eye care to society. Read on!    

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Around 223 million people in the world suffer from vision impairment.    


Eye surgeon Dr. Sanduk Ruit wants to reach out to these people to help them lead a better life. 

'Eye Health Hero' series started by 'See Now' showcases the extraordinary work accomplished by the eye specialist. 

Dr. Ruit aspires to provide quality eye care in the rural areas of the world.

Dr Ruit set up the Himalayan Cataract Project to serve the blind and visually impaired people. 

He has been working to cure blindness in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu, and Kashmir.

Himalayan Cataract Project is a charity that provides funds to the eye care clinics and camps. 

Dr. Ruit keeps visiting the rural areas and stays in the shelters provided by the villages.

He wants to make quality health care a reality for everyone. 

Dr. Sanduk Ruit was born in a remote area of Nepal in 1955. 

Dr. Ruit completed his studies in India, Netherlands and the United States. 

After graduation, he made a team in Nepal to ease the process of cataract surgery with lens implantation. 

Dr. Ruit made the surgery accessible and economical to poor sections of the society. 

The opthalmologist set up the Tilangana eye care center and eye camps to provide quality eye care in Nepal. 

He is an inspiration!

Dr Ruit has given back the eye sight of more than 1 lac people. 

He aims to eradicate blindness and vision impairment from the world. 

Dr Ruit also runs an online community to educate people about eye care. 

Let's wish that Dr. Ruit succeeds in his mission of spreading awareness about quality eye care. 

Watch the video of Dr. Sanduk Ruit speaking about his mission of curing blindness.

For more information , please check out his website.   

Does he restore your faith in humanity?