This Guy Was Riding On Bike With His Girlfriend When A Quokka Started Chasing Them...

Probably the friendliest Quokka on the planet isn't ready to leave his friend alone.

This Guy Was Riding On Bike With His Girlfriend When A Quokka Started Chasing Them...

A quokka in Rottnest, Australia, is too friendly for you to believe. Campbell Jones, 21, was riding bike with his girlfriend when he encountered a quokka. The quokka has refused leaving Jones ever since.

This quokka is a chaser

I will follow you

Campbell was just having another day of bike riding with his girlfriend, and he never knew that the day was going to be different. On way, he met a quokka that refused to let him go. The quokka chased him and Jones took a snap that is being said to be the cutest ever.


The leaping quokka photographed

I love you, says quokka

Jones was just putting down his Go Pro camera when the little creature jumped at him. Jones instantly took snap of his quokka friend. The photograph made his day.

Quokkas love to be with you

A good friend indeed

The Australian marsupials are well known for their 'curious about the world' nature. They are fearless wanderers. They can even approach you for some XO and selfies. They are a craze in Australia and quokka selfie is the in thing there.

Love at the first sight

I am for you

When asked what made quokka chase him, Jones said his good looks lured the marsupial. The quokka fell in love at the very first sight of Jones. At least, it seems that way.

Quokka won't let his love go away

I am your companion for life

The quokka refused to let Jones make a move. While Jones was walking back to his bike, the quokka followed him and jumped at him as if to say, "Come back, mate."

It's the cutest pic by Jones

A friendly look

Jones believes that 'The Leaping Quokka' was the cutest photo he ever took in his life. He was all mushy with his new love and quickly posted the pic on the internet. He knew that world will love it.

The flying quokka goes viral

Take me home, says quokka

Jones posted the pic of this flying quoka four weeks back. It now is getting more attention after it featured on the quokka appreciation page on Instagram. The page is called Instaquokka. 

Quokkas need protection

Trending online

One of the most friendly creatures, Quokkas need protection as they are listed as vulnerable species. The page Instaquokka is dedicated to protecting them and one hopes that pictures posted by Jones will make more people connect to the cause. 

Does more research needed on behaviour of quokkas, the Australian marsupials?