Mee..ow Will Ward Off The Evil Energy! Know The Power Of Cats To Be Safe from Negative Energy 

Know the cats' healing powers.

Mee..ow Will Ward Off The Evil Energy! Know The Power Of Cats To Be Safe from Negative Energy 

Fond of those sweet purrs and cuddles?  Well, cats have much more to offer than just being your pets. 

They possess healing powers and ability to keep you safe from negative energies. Their sorcerous powers have been hailed since ancient times.

Read on to explore the mystic side of felines and we bet you will want one for yourself.

Cats possess protective aura.

Cats can sense evil spirit

Cats are naturally blessed with an aura that not only protects its owner, but also his family, home and the territory it is committed to.


How cats transfer their positive energy to humans?

Cat with owner

Cats transfer their positive energy by brushing against your legs. However, if you shoo it away, you are prohibiting the energy intake. As a result, instead of the cat sharing its astral field with you, it may take some of yours. So next time you find a cat brushing against your legs, feel blessed and enjoy the experience.

Cats protect your home from negative energy.

A cat looking at an invisible entity

Cats prohibit entry of evil spirits in the house. In addition, they also rid the house of any negative energy that may have existed before you moved in or that may have sneaked in prior to your bringing a cat in the house.

How cats react to spirits?

Catty eyes

Unlike dogs, when cats sense a negative energy or spirit lurking in its territory, they follow it around and investigate its intentions. The reason behind this act is to ensure that the spirit does not threaten its territory and in case it plans to, the feline uses its energy field displacement abilities to dispel the spirit.

In worse scenarios, it traps the evil entity in its own energy field and drags it out of the house, leaving your house safe and secure.

If you find your cat returning to a particular spot in the house or staring at something in a tense posture, do not ignore it. It is highly probable that it has sensed a spirit and is observing it. To help your cat in getting rid of the entity, read a prayer on that very spot or burn a white sage as a cleansing ritual.

Cats have a strong astral field.

Cat at owner's home

The astral field of the cat is strong enough to chase away any negative or evil entity. This is the reason many people don't allow felines while performing a séance. However, some practioners encourage their presence during certain magic rituals.  

Keep yourself safe from evil eyes.

The feline affection

Your cat can shield you from evil eyes and curses too. If you sense any ill intentions while conversing with someone, simply keep your hands on the cat while stroking its neck with your left hand and its tail with the right hand.

This way, you will be in complete contact with the cat which will help you to share your energy fields to combine into single and strong astral field. This will nullify the effect of evil intentions.

Keeping a cat as a pet ensures welfare and prosperity.

Cats bring safety

Being conduits of cosmic energy, cats let positive energy flow into the house, which in turn will aid in bringing welfare and prosperity to the entire family of its owner.

Russians practiced ritual of letting the cat inside a house first when moving into a new place. This was done to let the cat dispel any negative energy that might be prowling around the house. The ritual was practiced even when people moved into a new house. This was to let the cat shower its positive energy before people stepped in.

Cats have powerful healing powers.

Cat with patient

Did you know cats have strong healing powers too? Simply stroking a cat can relieve you of your emotional and mental stress. Cats can also help in improving vision and treat its owner by lying on their sore spots.  

The amazing healing powers of cats

Cat's healing powers publicised

It has been found that cat purrs are akin to an energetic massage that helps restore the general well being of a person.

How to choose a cat for magical powers?

Cats have healing powers

People who intend to use a cat for its magical powers, need to choose the cat by its colour.

Black - Witchcraft, occult powers, deep magic, and protection.

Red: The classic witches moon, full of male power, the power of the sun, Yang energy, magic and wealth.

Blue (grey, smoky grey): Prosperity, love, happiness, peace and emotional stability.

Color point (Siamese): Longevity, fame, solar magic, success, yin and yang energy.

Calico (Three-colored): The supreme goddess cat, deep color magic, good luck for land and sea travel, protects the family from harm, happiness.

Two-tone (black-and-white, orange-white, gray and white): Wisdom energy, common sense.

Tortoiseshell: Clairvoyance, healing, feminine magic powers, children.

Golden, golden brown (like the Abyssinian): Revered temple cat, regal, grace, solar magic, wisdom.

Tabby (striped): Good luck, enjoyment, positive energy, happiness.

Do you believe in healing powers of cats?