This House Is A Small Wonder And It Will Leave You Amazed

It will blow your mind!

This House Is A Small Wonder And It Will Leave You Amazed

Raising a house at river-front site is a dream of every architect. There was such a site. But there was trouble.  

The site for this house was sandwiched between a river and a street, located at a junction- hence it had a triangular shape with acute angles.

A group of architects at Mizuishi Architects took up this challenge and the result was brilliant.

A 29-square metre plot was made into a masterpiece in Suginami, Tokyo, in Japan.  

See the plan and construction unfold before you.

Just look at it once!

Amazing house


The real challenge was not the acute angle but the surface that the plot had to offer.

A view of the house

Just 29- Sq.M. and a masterpiece surfaces

Between a river and street

River on one side and the street on the other.

The house located at a junction

The upper story is created in steel. A cantilever is created to make a perfectly sheltered parking space.

View of upper-storey

The ground floor plan

A triangle plan with protruding angles

The ground floor has a bedroom that ensures privacy with curtains - a Japanese style bedroom.

Curtains ensure privacy in bedroom

A store is also located here, which is covered with white blinds.

Triangular shape is apparent

A luxurious bathroom is on the ground floor.

Bathroom designed for amazing house

As you go up on the first floor, there is a wonderfully lighted kitchen with its very own dinning space.

Natural light coming from ventilators

Important thing about small spaces is that if you allow ample light to enter, they look bigger and spacious.

A well-lit small room looking spacious

The kitchen and dining room have high ceilings to let the light in, which make them look bigger.

High ceilings give bigger look to houses

Having lights on either side gives a spacious look as one walks from kitchen to living room.

Mastering the art of space

From the kitchen, you can see a mezzanine floor.

A well-lit mezzanine floor

The roof is triangular and gets adorned with skylights at night.

The triangular wonder

The use of small space to such perfection is rarely seen. Share this amazement with your friends too!

It's the perfect use of a small space, isn't it?

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