This New Video Featuring 'Backstreet Boys' Is Adorable, And We Are Playing It In Loop!

You'll wish you married a Backstreet Boy!

This New Video Featuring 'Backstreet Boys' Is Adorable, And We Are Playing It In Loop!

We've all seen those rom-coms and classic romantics where boy and girl meet, the boy chases the girl, and after a couple of hurdles they fall in love and live happily ever after.

However, you've often also heard that no one shows the "ever after" part.

Well, FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO released their latest video "God, your mama, and me" featuring our childhood favorites The Backstreet Boys! And if this video tells us one thing, it's that the "Boys" grew up into real fine men and are just as amazing, if not more!

Backstreet Boys then and now.

Backstreet Boys then and now.

Most of us who believe in love root our conviction in our parents: whom we've witnessed loving and caring for each other through times thick and thin. They are the reason we trust in love.

This video shows some exquisite glimpses of the Backstreet Boys doing something special for the special women in their lives. As each one personalizes the event, the video is a non-scripted vision into the real emotions and reactions of six different couples and their families.

My favorite part about this song is how five out of six of these couples are in their 30s and 40s, and yet there is no sign of the "love fading away". On the contrary, the lyrics say "My love will never run dry… No one's ever gonna love you more than God, your Mama and me."

Some of the moments in the video are so precious, they melt your heart, like at 0:18: "I'm the luckiest man on this planet!"


Watch and enjoy!

Well, don't it make you wish you could find someone who you could have THAT with when you're 38?