Dad Draws Inspiration From Beauty And The Beast Series And Recreates Them For His Daughter

What could be a better Valentine’s gift?

Dad Draws Inspiration From Beauty And The Beast Series And Recreates Them For
His Daughter

Photographer Josh Rossi travelled all over Europe for one week and got all the shots ready for his daughter Nellee as a valentine's gift. He photographed a total of 3 castles, 5 cities and many random provincial villages to recreate the exact scenes as in the Beauty and The Beast series. He also used many props and took help of photoshop to make the scenes look actual.

The Beauty and The Beast series has always been known to deliver a message of true love. He wanted to build a fun relationship with his daughter and wanted to create memories for her.

Find some pictures from this series and also see Nellee's reaction on getting the surprise!

"I wanted to create something my daughter will remember forever", says Josh.



According to Josh, "Being parents, the best we can do is spending more and more fun time with our children".


After the Wonder Woman series created by Josh a few months ago, he received tons of emails saying they spend more quality time with their daughters now.

One from the Wonder Woman series.


He always wanted to bring his daughter's dreams and imaginations into reality.


To get all the shots ready, he travelled to all extravagant castles of Europe. He wanted to leave a trail of perfection through his images.


"Apart from getting the perfect location to shoot, I also wanted perfect weather, timing and scenario. Getting all this at a time was difficult."


Josh and his daughter on Valentines Day.

Josh and his daughter on Valentines Day.

Nellee's favourite part of the shoot was when she had to wear a yellow dress and dance with the beast (Josh). "When I surprised her with the big poster of us dancing, she got really happy and kept jumping up and down."

Reaction of Nellee on watching the big print.

That's all folks!

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Can you do anything like this for the one you care about?