Sweden Officially Asks Trump About Fake Terror Attack Comment

And then...

Sweden Officially Asks Trump About Fake Terror Attack Comment

The most disputed President of the United States Of America, Donald Trump has swallowed the internet whole. Open any website, any page, anywhere on the web, and Trump is there. But, even after getting 'over covered' by mainstream media agencies, Trump might not be entirely satisfied with the propaganda. Else, what could force him to say during his rally in Florida on Saturday that 'Sweden has suffered the act of terror'.

Following this, the Swedish Embassy has officially asked State Department and Trump administration to elaborate on this, and explain further President Trump's claim that Sweden suffered an act of terror last night.

Very soon, it all turned into a tweet, and opinion storm on the internet. Let's have a look at the complete story.

Trump on the stage, during his rally in Florida.

Trump on the stage, during his rally in Florida.

In Florida, when Trump was on a fire mode (as usual). Donald Trump blasted off at judges and people who passed and favoured his ruling against the ban on travellers from Muslim countries. Also, he said some words about renewing his efforts to come back strong on immigration as well.


But, he got so much carried away, that he mixed facts with fakes!

But, he got so much carried away, that he mixed facts with fakes!

President Trump said, "you look at what's happening in Germany, you look at what's going on in Sweden. Who would believe this? Sweden."

He further added, "They took in large numbers. They're having problems like they never thought possible."

Sweden's official Twitter account replied with bafflement.

One of the nations recognised Twitter handle, managed by a different citizen each week, responded with bafflement. Its current leader, a school librarian, said: "Nothing has happened here in Sweden. There have not been any terrorist attacks here. At all!"

Even observers on Twitter expressed their feelings about his comment on Sweden.

Many such tweets were posted aimed at the White House to answer and elaborate on what forced Trump to say those words about Sweden.

Another Twitter user, Eric Schmeltzer expressed his views.

He added in his Tweet, "NOT BOLD PREDICTION: WH staff will present some random crime in Sweden last night as a 'terror attack' rather than admit Trump effed up."

In the same way, Trump supporters came out in his support and said...

POTUS, Trump had been talking about a portion of the Fox News show 'Tucker Carlson Tonight', which investigated an alleged growth in crime following Sweden's admission of a substantial number of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa.

A bureau representative cleared that...

A bureau representative cleared that...

Sweden's Security Police also said their terror warning level had not changed recently, because "Nothing has occurred which would cause us to raise that level."

Swedish foreign ministry spokeswoman Catarina Axelsson gave a statement that "We have asked the question today to the state department. We are trying to get clarity."

However, later Trump clarified that he was indeed referring to Tucker Carlson's talk about Sweden last night.

Although, Trump's this tweet hasn't changed anything related to the hype which his statements have created. And people are still criticising him on social media platforms.

A look at the immigration policy of Sweden.

A look at the immigration policy of Sweden.

Sweden, which has a community of around 9.5 million, has let in nearly 200,000 immigrants in answer to the stream of shelter seekers landing in Europe that topped during the summer of 2015. The liberal policy, which has proved questionable, means the Scandinavian country has taken in more immigrants per capita than any other European country.

As Trump administration has not replied publically/officially to these reactions.

That's all, folks!