Everything About Rihanna From Her Tattoo Obsession To Her Love-life 

Happy Birthday, RiRi!

Everything About Rihanna From Her Tattoo Obsession To Her Love-life 

Rihanna celebrates her 29th birthday today and we are here to wish her in advance. The "Anti" singer started her journey in 2005, and today her music has become mainstream, and most of her songs are in the list of world's best-selling singles of all time. The Barbadian songwriter, actress and singer has been extremely active on social media lately (If you don't believe me, just scroll through her Twitter account.) From co-owning Tidal to launching a Manolo Blahnik shoe collection, see how RiRi became a multimillionaire today.

Look at some of the breakthroughs in Rihanna's life. Her troubled relationship with Drake, rumoured sex tape with Chris Brown, her journey from rags to riches, her secret behind tattoos and most importantly the hit albums. Also, look at the compilation of some of her best Instagram pictures.

Rihanna Albums 



By 2010, Rihanna's music had become conventional, and the singer was paid $410,000 per show for her "Last Girl On Earth Tour." Followed by this, she also released "Loud Album," which sold 5.7 million copies and acquired her $12 million. Her next hit album, "Talk That Talk" debuted in 2011 and sold 4.5 million copies, earning her approximate $10.5 million.

In 2012, Riri released her "Unapologetic" album which sold 3 million copies and earned her revenue worth $6.3 million. By this point, she was being paid $800,000 per performance. Some of the best-selling and hit Rihanna songs of all-time include "Love the Way You Lie" - staged with Eminem - "We Found Love" featured with Calvin Harris - and "Disturbia."

In 2014, she moved to a long-time friend and mentor, Jay Z's Roc Nation Label. She launched her first album "Anti" with the brand new name in January 2016. Initially, it was made available only to stream on Tidal. During its first week, sales totalled less than 1,000, but the album soon reached the number one spot on iTunes and went platinum.

Rihanna's love for tattoos. 


Rihanna has near about 20 tattoos on her body. She has claimed that she is addicted to tattoos. She also has said the following statements that will show her love and obsession for tattoos.

"I like hanging out in tattoo shops."

"I am so intrigued by tattoos. It's an entire culture, and I study it. Sometimes I go with friends, or just by myself. I get bum-rushed, but I don't care. I don't take security."

It is believed that she had her first tattoo done in 2006, two music notes on her foot. Most of her tattoos are done by one of the renowned tattoo artists, Bang Bang. He once said, "She [Rihanna] always flips out [when it's done] and jumps up and down like a 16-year-old girl getting her first car."

A few of her tattoos are:

Pisces sign behind her ear

The star inside her ear

Love on her finger

Stars down her back

Tribal design on the back of her hand

Sanskrit on her hip

Skull on her ankle

Shhh on her finger

Roman numeral on her chest

Thug Life on her knuckles and many more.

Rihanna's net worth 


"Only Girl" singer will be blowing out 29 candles. There's no clue on how Robyn Rihanna Fenty is going to spend her special day, but the singer, businesswoman, actress and fashion designer certainly has a lot to celebrate. Rihanna's net worth is $160 million - including $26 million she earned in 2015. Riri has a long history of endorsements with many big-name brands. The "We Found Love" singer has also collaborated with MAC, and in 2015, the company tweeted that her "Viva Glam" collection sold over $50 million in a one-year period - the highest annual sales a collection for the brand that has ever reached. Though Riri's latest album, "Anti," has sold less than any No. 1 album in history, the Barbados native is still at the top of the charts. She pads her paycheck through endorsement deals with Dior, Puma, Samsung and Stance.

The story behind Rihanna's Met Gala dress. 

The story behind Rihanna's Met Gala dress. 

Rihanna appeared on the carpet of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a "Magnificent Gold" imperial yellow, a fur-trimmed cape that was embroidered with scrolls and scrolls and scrolls of flora (and a headdress!). It took 50,000 hours to design this dress.

She said,

"I'm so in love with this dress, but the train is insane! I can't really walk in it without any help-but it's so worth it. I love this dress so much! It's Chinese couture and it's made by Guo Pei. It's handmade by one Chinese woman and it took her two years to make. I found it online."

"I was researching Chinese couture on the Internet and I found it"

Rihanna's relationship timeline. 


Rihanna has always been in the news for breakups, boyfriends and hookups. With all the problems Rihanna has had in the dating world, it's a surprise that she hasn't ended up on the record list of celebrity sex tapes till date. Though, there's a pretty good chance that Rihanna and Chris Brown have a sex tape lying around in a drawer somewhere. But, thankfully they'll stay away for good this time and leave the cheap strategy of this celeb sex tapes to other less famous people.

Rihanna and Drake's relationship has always been and always will be a hot topic. Since 2009, Rihanna and Drake have been tittled-tattled to be dating on and off. In 2016, RiRi and Drizzy were reported to have officially been dating, but they decided to remain "Just Friends."

Apart from being in a relationship with Drake and Chris Brown, Rihanna has had encounters with Travis Scott (rapper), Lewis Hamilton, Karim Benzema, Leonardo DiCaprio, Asap Rocky, J. R. Smith, Ryan Phillippe, Jay-Z and many others.

Rihanna spills on getting nude 


Topless on a field or in a revealing bikini on the beach, Rihanna is often seen stripping down to next to nothing and flaunting her famous curves. The singer also likes to talk about being naked – and how strong it makes her feel.

She straightforwardly says,

"You only have one life. And one body. And that's yours! So own it, no matter what. Nobody else can tell you what to do."

But even celebrities have their insecurities. Which is why, when asked what part of their body they might not like as much as the rest when it comes to being naked, she pondered, "Hmm, I wish I had a butt."

Rihanna is getting nude and wants you to get nude too! 


Don't get me wrong; I'm here talking about her latest fragrance, called Nude.

She decided an uncanny name when asked about this, she explained,

"I wanted something that smelled so feminine and sexy that you wanted to wear it nude. And nothing else mattered! It was just all about the fragrance."

Drake and Rihanna's performance on "Too Good" 

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