#UntoldLoveStory8: "His Smile Can Make Me Forget My Sufferings. He Makes Me Feel Perfect & I Dance In His Love."

A millennial love story.


This V-week, WittyFeed met with people who had experienced real love in their lives – in one way or another – to tell us about their stories. These are the tales of Indians who shared their hearts and feelings out. They gave themselves up on another with such completeness that it has become a part of what they are.

Here, we present to you a love story from college days. Read a story that is so young and connecting that you cannot escape till you reach the end. Catch this love saga from the girl herself that will make you remember your college days as well. Have a nostalgic read folks!

(Pictures in the article are not of the real characters)

Well, it was a bright day. A much awaited day coz it was my first day of college after 12 years of schooling. There I met a couple of friends and sat in the class and then I got a glimpse of a guy. So cute he was!

At the very first look, I had the vibe that there's something unique, something so lovely about him.
I longed to tell a hey, but two days passed and then he got on the stage to introduce himself and talked about his mom, which shook me, it gave me a soft corner for him!
I talked to him, appreciating his speech. We exchanged Facebook IDs the next day and then there was no looking back, we talked and talked! I was super happy to have him as my best friend. Things went great, I would run to him during the break and after college to meet him and play at the canteen. This was because we had been divided into sections. We were great besties, we fought, we laughed, we loved and had fun! In all, it was superb!



His each instance made me much closer to him, the goodness in him, his loveliness...he be so adorable! 

My perspective towards guys actually changed after I met him, he's that GOOD! He is someone who cannot say no to a person! Soon, I became emotionally tagged to him He was never close to any girl before and his concern for me was so sweet, but he never expressed his feelings.
Slowly our first movies together, rides, hang-outs, friend's home, dances, it all was great! Something that can b cherished forever! His goodness drew me towards him. The day he put his name and my name's starting letter as the tattoo, I was overwhelmed.
We had songs which were meant for us, we were crazy and awesome together. Months passed, just months and it felt like I've known him since kindergarten.


I celebrated his birthday with so much of excitement and love that he was in tears. I do not have words to describe him! He is someone who is like one in a million. I could go on and on... I could write a book on us!


And then we had misunderstandings, we fought, we got hurt, we cried but never left each other. Lots happened that hurt me, but I was ready to give up my friendship for him to be happy. But he said all he wants is Me! I cried. I couldn't hold his love. Coz I couldn't believe someone so good, loving a bad girl like me.


Soon, we got rid of the misunderstandings. My friends started saying something is really different with you. C'mon, you'll suffer later, so don't get too close. I was just like we are just best friends! And it so happened that one day when I went to his home.I was playing with his cousins and talking with his sister. After that, we just don't know what happened. We could see love. Then, we were just like what has happened with us, we have we fallen in love!? Like seriously. Falling in love with your best friend.


And after that life was amazing. It was the same exciting one. I usually start and end my day with him. But after we realised we are in love, we had that thing he's mine and I'm his. Everyday was something new and something great. I couldn't see him hurt, sad or in tears. I just wanted him to be happy, happier and happiest! I would go to any extent for it. I never thought I'd fall in love, but unknowingly I did. And he did and hence we did. It's so amazing to be in his arms.


I long for it every second of my life, couldn't wait to be his permanently. It's like love without exceptions, without boundaries! His smile can make me forget my sufferings. He makes me forget my world and I dance in his love. I just wanna let him know that I'll be with him through thick and thin. You needn't have to worry coz I'm there beside you and with you! *Hearts*

I don't know if our future will be together or not, but I can say that I can be yours and yours only. LOVE.