#HugDay - Watch Why Arpan Has Called Shrishti Early Today


#HugDay - Watch Why Arpan Has Called Shrishti Early Today

Wanna know how much I love you?

I could tell you...But I would much rather show you.

I've been thinkin' bout you all day long, while I'm here at work.

Let me tell you what I'm gonna do...

I'm gonna shower you with hugs and kisses when I come home tonight. Coz you've got a love so delicious...

It is February 12 today, #HugDay for many. There may be hugs coming your way as well! Watch out! Be ready! *Wink*
WittyFeed's 'Little Hearts' are evidently in love now! Having made some caring promises with each other on #PromiseDay, Arpan and Shrishti have taken on the endearing journey of love.

While Arpan has asked Shrishti to come early to the bus stop today, we can't wait to see what he has in store for his girl. Surely, #HugDay is going to be an interesting one for our lovey-dovey couple, the couple who rejoices in the little moments of life! While hugs give you a feeling of fondness, support and satisfaction, they are a cute symbol of love and affection.

So, celebrate this #HugDay with 'Little Hearts' to see how they #Feelthelove. Do watch, it will stimulate you to celebrate the Valentine week, as cutely!


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