#UntoldLoveStory7: "Who Says Love Bites You Before Marriage, It Can Also Eat You Up After Marriage"

Love is in the air!


This Valentine's week, WittyFeed went around asking people who have experienced real love – in one way or another – to tell us about their stories. These are tales of Indians who've shared their hearts and feelings and given themselves up to another with such completeness that it has become a part of who they are.

This is the story of a girl from Delhi who fell in love with a guy from Indore after their marriage. And, hopes to live her life just like this till the end.

:) Such is my case. It's just been six months that I have been married, but each day I feel like that I am his queen. He always makes me feel special.

Before marriage, there were times when he sent me gifts on my birthday that did make me feel as if I was on cloud nine. But, until that time I never felt that I was falling for him. Even by that time, our courtship period was hanging between yes and no.  We weren't aware what was going on. But, yes the conversation was going on and that also in full swing.

(He was introduced by my sister to me).

We both enjoyed talking to each other but weren't assured that, yes, 'this person is perfect for me kind of feeling'. That assurance was yet to come from both of us. Time was passing by, and we were chatting on a daily basis. None of us was aware when we started giving more time to each other. After office hours, the chatting began and ended up late. But, still, there was a feeling of a good friend. Just good friends!


Then one day, he asked me, "I hope that you aren't marrying under any pressure". I assured him that I am a matured girl and nobody can pressurize me. Listening to my words, he smiled back and said, "You know… I am blessed to have you in my life".


After few months when we thought that, yes, 'We are made for each other'; both of us informed our guardians. The engagement date was fixed, and soon we got engaged. Now, the courtship period started. He was in Indore, and I was in Delhi. We couldn't meet up so frequently. After engagement and before marriage, there was a date that I wanted to celebrate, so desperately. That date was May 30th. This date was important for me as it was Karan's Birthday.

As we were in two different cities, it wasn't possible for us to meet. So, I thought to give Karan a surprise.  The very morning of his birthday, I called him and asked him to catch his flight to Delhi. He was happy as well as shocked. He said how can I come instantly? No tickets, no packing and nothing... Then I said, everything has been done. You just pack your bags. See you at the Delhi airport. Saying this, I cut the phone. And reached the airport to receive him.  We both were happy seeing other.

He went back, but now, the chatting time was increased. We used to wait to chat and see each other on Skype. Each night and every weekend we talk endlessly to know more about each other and one's family. After talking for around six months, both of us were convinced that we are marrying each other's family not only each other.


Soon, the D- Day was fixed. The marriage took place in a royal manner. He welcomed me as his bride in his family. Now, the real pamper session began that most couple experience before marriage.  From the day we got married, I am getting the royal treatment. Each day, he makes me feel special. Right after marriage, he gave me a phone- A wedding gift, to be precise. And, I gifted him fragrance( a bottle of good scent). From, here on we started our beautiful journey.

Be it oiling my hair on weekends, cooking Maggi, tea, taking care of my skin when he notices it getting dry, scolding me when I ignore my strength, gifting me a gold ring, making a visit to my new family who also gives me daughter-like treatment, helping me to reach office on time or pampering me every other day always makes me feel special.


If he wouldn't have gifted me with phone and gold ring then also I would say that I am one of the luckiest girls to get such family WHERE not only my husband but my in-laws too love me a lot.   

(Originally, Tripti is from Kathmandu, Nepal. She used to work in Delhi before marrying to an Indorian. Tripti and Karan were introduced in late January, 2016 by Tripti's elder sister who lives in the USA. And, they got married on July 24th, 2016. They have been married for six months now. Both of them are happy and working in the same building having different offices as she is an editor and her husband is a COO of an IT company).

This couple doesn't feel the need of Valentine day to express their love as every day is a day filled with love for this cute couple. WittyFeed is happy to share their love after marriage story and wish them good luck in their life.

Here, is the glimpse of their wedding. Enjoy!

Don't you think that 'Love' can happen after marriage as well?