Silence Kills & This Website Is Helping The Survivors Of Sexual Abuse Get Rid Of This Silence

Read to know the way ''How Revealing'' is helping.

Silence Kills & This Website Is Helping The Survivors Of Sexual Abuse Get Rid Of This Silence

''Sexual abuse'' this itself is enough to send chills down someone's spine, then just for once, think of people who have encountered this evil in their life. There are a lot of men, women, and kids as well, who have been the victim of this heinous crime called sexual abuse.

Have you ever thought of what escalates the agony of these sufferers? The society and its people, who consider this crime as a taboo and never allow the victim to raise voice against the accuse, which forces the sufferers to embrace a silence and lead a life full of pain, tears and fear.  

And this silence acts as a slow poison to ruin countless innocent lives. But now, no more silence, please. Because a new online project titled as How Revealing is helping the survivors of sexual abuse and harassment, get rid of this silence.

The foundation of this initiative was laid by 29-year-old lawyer Urmila on January 13. It follows a format, where you can anonymously post your account of abuse and harassment you faced and it will make people realize that they are not alone.

"The project converted and channelised all the anger and despair I felt every time a survivor was blamed, every time I was made to feel like I was asking for it, every time the sexual history of a complainant was more important than the crime," Urmila told to HuffPost India.

Here are some heart-wrenching accounts from the website:

"I must have been 12 or 13. I was at a school picnic, and we were all lining up to go horse-riding. I was surrounded by my classmates and teachers. When it was my turn to go, the man who gave the kids a leg up held me by the chest and squeezed hard -- on breasts that were barely developed. I sat through the ride in silence, shocked by what had just happened, and with no reference of how to react. When my turn was done, he did it again as I dismounted. 

But I couldn't/didn't react -- just walked away like a zombie in a daze. To this day, I can't figure out if I'm madder at him or mad at myself for not doing something, or reacting, or reporting him. I have no idea if he did the same thing to any of my other classmates. I was wearing denims and a t-shirt when the incident happened."


"I am writing this on behalf of my wife. We were dating when she was raped. She had gone to visit one of her friend at his home, his two roommates were drinking and asked her to wait until her friend came back. She did but they locked the door, put the music in full volume and raped her. When she came back, she was unable to even stand, bleeding between her legs as they shoved a flower vase up her private parts. In the weeks that followed, she would throw up the food she ate as she had constant reminders about how they had forced their sperm down her throat. A few years have passed now, we are now happily married. But how do tell her that there are nights when she still screams without having any recollection of the screaming episode in the morning? All I can do I hold her close and cry without waking her up."


''I was just 11-year old. It was too hot and my mama (uncle) removed my clothes and I was left in undergarments. He gave me the mobile to play game and told me to lie down and sleep with him. Eventually, I felt that he was slowly sliding his hands in my panties and removing it too. I got awkward and nervous because I did not know what exactly was happening and suddenly he inserted his finger in my vagina. I screamed in pain all of a sudden and he kept his hand over my mouth and kept doing that. He forcefully stopped me and kissed my entire body. He kissed my lips for hours and I was continuously crying. After a while he took my hand to his genitals and told me to touch them when I denying to do so he made me do that and I kept crying.''


''I was 13 years old. I was an insufficiently masculine child, in a boy's boarding school. I was bullied by my classmates and seniors, my towel snatched away, to check if I actually had a penis. One of our teachers took a special interest in me. According to him, I walked like a girl, talked like a girl, sat like a girl, carried my books like a girl (although, to this day, I have no idea what any of that means, especially for a 13-year old child). The teacher said this would happen unless I "pulled up my socks." He drew two lines on the ground, about two inches apart, and told me I should walk with my feet on either side of the line. He didn't like the progress I was making, and he punished me, by sexually assaulting me in various ways. He said this is what the world would do to me unless I shaped up. This went on for one whole term. I googled him recently, 28 years after the fact. He's doing fine. So am I, FINALLY.''


"I was in 9th grade. 14 or 13. My friend and I were walking back to our homes after tuitions. This is a family friendly, fairly populated area I'm talking about. In close vicinity of our school, several residential societies and a few grocery shops. A man in a parked car asked us for directions to some place. We looked up to point out which road he had to take, and when we looked back at him, his penis was out and he was pointing at it, with a blank look at his face. He was a large, dark, middle-aged man in a white car. It took us a moment to realize what it was. We had no idea what a penis looked like. But the location of this unknown object being pointed out gave us a hint. We ran away, and only opened our mouths when we were on the fork where we had to part ways, only to promise each other that we'll never tell anyone. I was wearing T-shirt and jeans, most likely when the incident happened."

(via: HuffPost India)

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