#UntoldLoveStory4: "It Started At The Beginning Of 10th Grade When She Joined My School."

One of the cutest love stories of this season.


This Valentine's day, WittyFeed went around asking people who have experienced real love – in one way or another – to tell us about their stories. These are tales of Indians who've shared their hearts and feelings and given themselves up to another with such completeness that it has become a part of who they are.

Have you ever been a witness to one of those romantic proposals that happen over the radio or TV through a public platform? Isn't it one of those things just short of going to a mountaintop and screaming to declare your love to the world? Today, we received a story of one such proposal – and the story behind it is just as interesting.

"All my life, I had been what my father called 'awara' (carefree). Girls and bikes were life, except when I was chilling with my buddies.



However, it all came to a halt at the beginning of 10th grade when 'SHE' moved into my neighborhood and school. For once, I decided to go to school the legal way – on the bus, and that's when I saw her.

She was beautiful, but she was shy and didn't have friends yet. She was sitting next to an empty seat, and I thought of joining her. I was a kid, so I thought ragging her would be a good way to start. I asked her name and what she was doing around her. I was wary that she might be sensitive and may start crying, but nope! This girl was a bomb! She was smart and witty. I was taken aback but didn't back down.


Since then, bus rides became our thing. I sat with her everyday (she used to save me a spot). We were one of the loudest back-seat kids because we were laughing all the time. I would irritate her, make jokes, and even tell her about my imaginary girlfriends, and she responded with a laugh or a smirk. I had never met anyone like her!

The day I realized how often I wrote about her in my journal was the day I realized I had feelings for her. But since I couldn't afford to lose our friendship, I stayed mum.


One day, I forgot my journal at the school. Apparently, she'd found it, and returned it to me without a word.

I wish lightning struck me at that moment! How could I let this slip? I apologized to her multiple times over text (because she wouldn't take my calls) and all I got was blue-ticked. The suspense was killing me – it was a weekend so we wouldn't see each other much, and then our final boards would start.


While all this was going on in my head, I heard my phone beep.

I was shaking.

She wrote, "I don't like you."

I was crushed…

My phone beeped again.

"I love you!"

My heart stopped. Inside me, I could feel a million little snails crawling slowly, taking the message to my head.

Then… I exploded!


Once I recovered, all I could think of was her. All night, no sleep. I simply had to iron-lock this relationship, so I thought of date ideas. I kept it classic – a romantic movie. When we met next morning, you couldn't wipe the grin off our faces. But silly me – when I dropped her off, I didn't say the words, just hugged and kissed her cheek.

I wasn't happy. So I pulled some strings, and got the number of 94.3 FM radio and dedicated a song to her. I told her to tune in at the right time. Then, I went ahead and proposed to her over the radio. Call it embarrassing, but we both ended up crying on the radio. I told her to meet me next day as well.


I called one of our mutual friends and got her to come to lake side deck with a blindfold. I had made arrangement for a 'Dostana' style proposal. She started crying, and the way I felt was like nothing else! I got down on a knee and put a ring on her. I said, "I love you" and she said, "I love you too." The firecrackers inside me were exploding. I got up and kissed her with passion; only she could bring out in me.

And that's how our love story began…!"


Pal and Anu have been together since 10th grade. Pal shifted to a new school 11th grade onward, and they parted ways on their separate journeys of career. She is now pursuing her Masters, and he is working in Indore in a steady job.

WittyFeed wants to salute this couple for their faith and strength in love and having kept on despite the distances and hardships. Also, may we just say that this is one of the cutest stories that we have come across this season, and we're just gushing over it!

Did you find your love in school?