Five Innovative Products To Make Your Life Super Easy

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Five Innovative Products To Make Your Life Super Easy

The world is progressing very rapidly. We are seeing many innovative products being launched every day. So today, we are going over five cool products which you will surely love. Few of these products are already available in the market.

1. Solpad Portable Solar Battery:


We are going to see this in the market very soon. The final product is ready; just the test run is in progress. So far the product showed a high capacity to power many devices like- laptop devices, vacuum cleaner, coffee maker.

The device is also capable of storing energy which can be used later on. The device is portable so can be carried on vacations. 

2. Flex Tape:

You can buy these from various stores, online or offline. It is a rubberized waterproof tape with a high-quality adhesive. In the demo, the company sealed a jet boat with it and then took a test drive of the boat, which went well. You can seal your roof leaks, low-pressure PVC, plumbing pipes, air ducts, etc. 

3. GITA Personal Assitant:

GITA in Italian means 'short trip'. 'The transportation and robotics industries tend to focus on optimizing tasks and displacing labor,' according to Jeffrey Schnapp, CEO of Piaggio Fast Forward. 

GITA is a next generation personal assistant which follows you where ever you go. It has 3D mapping technology, so it detects the traffic, hurdles on its way and acts according to that. GITA can also carry the weight of around 40lbs. 

Users can create checkpoints in the GPS map, on which GITA will stop while it travels to its destination. Camera Sensor is also there in GITA which will help it to see.

4. Bottoms Up:

Bottoms Up is a beer dispensing system. This kit comes with a glass, dispenser, holder. The user has to pressurize the glass to make bear come out. The product is very simple to use and it saves time too. 

5. Safety Assault Underwear for Women:

These are made to prevent the sexual assault on women. It only unlocks after a particular movement is sensed by it. It can't be ripped and is impossible to pull down without making a specific movement.

Are you planning to buy any of these?