Quick Valentine’s Day Cocktail You Absolutely Need To Explore With Your Love 

Cheers to the passion of love!

Quick Valentine’s Day Cocktail You Absolutely Need To Explore With Your Love 

Be it an open balcony, beachside, or late night Netflix, sipping a delicious cocktail with your Valentine has its own unique charm. True, you can go to any bar or restaurant to get your drink but isn't it more fun when you make them yourself?

Let's go beyond the known with these seven simple yet absolutely amazing cocktails. They are fun to make together too!

So, which one are you making for your sweetheart?

PS: All the measurements are for multiple servings. Be responsible, don't drink and drive.

1. Soft Love

Soft Love

Pour ice in a cocktail shaker and fill it half. Then add 20 ml of raspberry vodka and heavy whipping cream.  Top up with one teaspoon of rose syrup. Shake properly and serve with a slice of banana on the brim.


2. Chocolate Margarita

Chocolate Margarita

Brush a little bit water on the rim of a margarita glass and dip it into crushed chocolate Oreo. In the shaker, put ice cubes. Then pour 40 ml tequila, 60 ml orange juice, chocolate syrup, milk, and 15 ml vodka. Shake well and serve.

3. Robin's Nest

Robin's Nest

Fill the shaker with some ice cubes. Melt white chocolate using milk. Mix 10 ml chocolate liqueur, 5 ml white chocolate, and 30 ml cranberry juice. Shake well and serve in martini glass.

4. Flirty V-day Drink

Flirty V-day Drink

Pour 50 ml of Vanilla vodka and strawberry juice. Shake and mix well, then pour into a champagne glass. Top with some champagne and cranberry juice. Garnish with cherry and enjoy the flirty side of love.

5. Kiss On The Lips

Kiss On The Lips

Blend mango, crushed ice, and peace into a smooth mixture. Then put rose syrup at the end of the cocktail glass. Layer up with the blended mix. Then garnish with cherry before serving.

6. Vesper


Make sure that the shaker is filled with ice cubes. Then pour 80 ml gin, 30 ml vodka, and 15 ml white wine. Shake properly and garnish with lemon slice before serving.

Scarlet O'Hara - Beauty Of South

Scarlet O'Hara

Add 60 ml whiskey with little lime juice in a shaker with ice. The add 200 ml of cranberry juice. Shake well then strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with lime wedge and enjoy.

Share the recipes with the love birds you know.

Do you promise to prepare any of these cocktails for your love this V-Day?