Top 10 Muscular Dog Breeds In The World

They are fierce, feisty and friendly!

Top 10 Muscular Dog Breeds In The World

Imagining the physical capabilities of our canine companions can be difficult. We can only get a glimpse of their strength when they tug on the leash, and we feel like our arm is being pulled out of our shoulder. While some dogs are bred to be gentle, some are bred to be giants. It is these giants who have been for a long time now wrangling cattle, bringing down a raging bull or even standing against an entire pack of wolves.

Let's have a look at the top most dog breeds that stand out as being the strongest and muscular. And if you choose to own them as a pet then just remember, all these powerful dogs are a little more pretentious and demanding than your standard dogs.

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#10 Husky


These medium sized dogs were bred with only one thing in mind, to pull a sled even in the harshest of weather. Although not the biggest or meanest of the lot, these dogs can be counted as some of the most versatile, nimble and powerful traction dogs who have a very high endurance level.


#9 German Shepherd

German Shepherd

The most easily recognized dog in the world that is majestic and intimidating. A really strong dog, they are preferred by the law enforcement, military, anti-terrorist organizations, security agents all across the world. With a remarkable level of intelligence, a German Shepherd knows how to use its strength, exploit weakness and even differentiate between right or wrong.

#8 English Bulldog

English Bulldog

Short and stubby who makes a lot of weird noises, an English Bulldog can be easily taken for a couch potato unless you've really seen them in action. Does the name bulldog ring a bell? These dogs were bred to take down bulls, literally. Not the tallest dog, but with a stubborn will and a strong desire to put that head-to-toe muscle body to work, they are one of the strongest breeds out there.

#7 Pit Bull

Pit Bull

Pit Bulls are bred only for fighting. Just like a bulldog, the body of a Pit Bull is covered in dense, powerful muscle. Nimble, agile, fast and strong, this breed is one of the most misunderstood breeds as many people fear these cute, cuddly dogs. These dogs are playful and gentle and can only turn into a violent dog if you train them to become one.

#6 Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino

Nor a super soldier, neither a killer in the ring, this not so famous breed is actually a hunter. A hunting dog bred in Argentina for hunting medium sized game. With a muscular appearance, these dogs were bred from Cordoba Fighting Dog inheriting their high endurance power and high pain threshold. A strong dog that is loyal enough to stay with their master at all times.

#5 Rottweiler


With a huge temper problem and a never-ending jaw line, Rottweiler is the kind of dog you will find guarding ranches, herd livestock and even pulling small wagons. This beast can easily out power most living things so if you plan to own a Rottweiler, always keep your leash arm worked up as it has the strength to dislocate your shoulder if they pull with all their might.

#4 Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute

Malamutes have a lot in common with their cousins Huskies; however, they are bigger in size. They are in fact so big that when they stand upright, they are easily taller than an average man and even weigh the same. With a strong personality and an attitude on top of that, these dogs have a strong pulling ability. Again like their cousins, they pull, but heavy cargo over long distances.

#3 Carpathian Shepherd

Carpathian Shepherd

Weird but true, these dogs have been bred to fight and kill bears. Predominantly bred along with the entire length of the Carpathian Mountains Chain, were earlier used to keep the grazing sheep safe. With a strong jaw muscle that can clench hard enough to break bones, these dogs can fight the mightier of beasts including wolves, mountain lions, and bears keeping the herd safe.

#2 St. Bernard

St. Bernard

A Swiss dog by origin that was used by the Swiss authorities to hunt down and guide back lost tourist to safety. However, with technological advancements, their services were no longer required. Courageous and selfless, these guardian angels still save lives. Although they are big and strong, they are prone to shoulder problems in old age and can lose their strength.

#1 Kangal


One of the oldest breeds, Kangal is no ordinary dog. They have been around for as long as you can remember serving people by helping them with their livestock. Kangal is no herder or cattle wrangler; it is the biggest and powerful guard dog. They are of Turkish origin that has spread to Africa and Asia where stories have been heard of Kangals taking down bears, packs of wolves, lions and tigers. Kangal is the perfect combination of endurance, love, and loyalty which is even ready to throw itself in harm to protect its master.

Is any of this powerful canine breed a part of your family?