#UntoldLoveStory3: "He Saved Me From A Stalker And I Drove Him Away."

It's nothing like a common love story!


This Valentine's day, WittyFeed went around asking people who have experienced real love – in one way or another – to tell us about their stories. These are tales of Indians who've shared their hearts and feelings and given themselves up to another with such completeness that it has become a part of who they are.

There is something exquisitely charming about the "knight in shining armor" who saves a "damsel in distress". Here's a modern day story based on the same theme, except it tells you what happens after the 'Happily ever after'…!

"Name: Sakshi

Age: 18 years

Hobbies: Writing, Literature, (especially) poetry

Status: Recently admitted to Lucknow University – not for a literature degree, though…

My dad never approved of my poems, although it was a hit with my friends and basically everyone else who heard them. In fact, I was once at a point where I was custom-writing romantic proposals on behalf of love-struck guys for their girlfriends!

Anyhow… coming to present day: it's barely been a couple of weeks since my new life in the unfamiliar city of Nawabs has begun. I decided to take a walk on the campus, to acquaint myself of my surroundings. It started pouring, and I put up my sweatshirt hood. Suddenly, I sensed that I was being followed.

I initially decided to ignore him – hoping he'd go away, but he only kept getting closer with each step. So I paced up too…

Around a corner, I saw a familiar face – I think this guy was in my Psychology class. So I went up to him and asked him if he had notes. At first, he saw me with some sort of confused revulsion, as if thinking "who is this soaking nerd who wants to study in the first ten days of college?" When I pressed my question, he awkwardly answered, "No, sorry, yesterday was my first class!"


I blushed. I felt like an idiot. What should I say?

I looked over my shoulder. He was much far away, but my stalker wasn't gone… So I decided to tell this guy what I was actually there for. He laughed, but looked at the guy with not such pleasantry, and asked my name. Once we exchanged introductions, he offered to walk me to a safe area of the campus. I gladly accepted!

As fate would have it, we regularly spoke in Psych class. He was majoring in Cinematography – he was quite passionate about it. I think it was this devoted passion that drew me toward him. We ended up in the same literature and theater club-circles.

He was amazingly supportive. He reinstituted my inferno for prose, and we traveled across the country, winning medals and money for creative writing and other literature events. I was elated.

With time, we both got close and became a 'thing'. On the day we officially admitted our feelings, I couldn't keep my hands off of him. But since all good things come to an end, so did this.

We started fighting, and I started crying, and we both were very hurt. Reason: he didn't want the official tag of a relationship and especially not the commitment that came with it. He told me that he was already committed to his passion and wanted to focus on that. I took this to my ego and pushed him relentlessly to give me his commitment – promising that I wouldn't stand in the way of his career.

Finally, he broke it off. Whatever we had in the name of a relationship and whatever was left of my heart.

It's been quite a while since that happened, and though time hasn't diminished the pain, it has cleared up my mind. He was right, always right! We didn't need a social validation or labels for being in love! And while I was screaming that I wouldn't get in the way – wasn't that exactly where I was? Between him and his ardor?

I look back on the days we had together, and I feel like a fool for doing what I did. I still wait for him to come back and prove that I have changed. But I know he won't. And I don't hold it against him. I love that man, and I know he is meant for great things. Perhaps he deserves better…"

Sakshi has written to us with hopes that her soulmate will read this and perhaps give her another chance. From our end, we wish her all the best. In the same breath, we also want to say to all the others out there – love what you have and grow together. Practice patience in this pacing world. Rome wasn't built in a day.