She Thought Them To Be Triplets But Gets Another Surprise In The Maternity Room

And the doctors said, "More feet".

She Thought Them To Be Triplets But Gets Another Surprise In The Maternity Room

Could you imagine how a 42-year-old mother would feel if she gets to know that she's pregnant with triplets? It can take a lot to accept as the one probably wouldn't expect such an event occurring at this phase of the life.

Well, this is exactly what happened with Kimberly Fugate. She went into labour in her early 40s but that wasn't enough to shock everyone as she later got to know that she was pregnant with the triplets.

Wasn't that news like an icing on a cake to the pregnancy packed with surprises?

Moreover, as if all those things weren't already pretty shocking, the babies decided to give their mother one more and the last surprise.

Read on what was that last surprise that shocked everyone present there in maternity room.

Meet Kimberly Fugate who got pregnant at the age of 41.


Kimberly was living a normal life with her husband Craig and a 10-year-old daughter Katelyn until 2013 when she discovered that she is pregnant.

Pregnancy at this age is quite rare.

Undoubtedly, the pregnancy surprised everyone but the most shocking news the family got was that Kimberly was expecting triplets and that too without any IVF treatment.

Pretty shocking, indeed!

She was in the 28th week of pregnancy when she delivered the baby girls.

Just before her 42nd birthday, she went into labor and gave birth to adorable triplets.

But another surprise awaited her in the maternity room as...

The doctors said that she was not done yet and told her they saw more feet. The exhausted Kimberly responded by saying, "No!' It was an instant shock".

And yes the surprise was that she was about to have quadruplets.

Kimberly couldn't believe her eyes that she delivered four identical babies and that too in her early 40s.

She named her four baby girls as:

Kenleigh Rosa, Kristen Sue, Kayleigh Pearl and Kelsey Roxanne.

And all of them are just totally adorable.

So cuteeeee!

On the top of all awe surprises, doctors told that the cute babies are monozygotic quadruplets.

And the odds of having such babies is about 1 in 729,000. Moreover, the chances of those quads being exactly identical are even more startling i.e. 13 million to one.

Truly, baffling.

The kids are doing well and Kimberly is absolutely loving being a mother again.

We too are happy to see the quads and mother happy.

Do you also wish to have quadruplets?