#UntoldLoveStory2: "We Defeated The Devils That A Long-Distance Relationship Offers."

His mom set us up, but she didn't know she was doing it!


This Valentine's day, WittyFeed went around asking people who have experienced real love – in one way or another – to tell us about their stories. These are tales of Indians who've shared their hearts and feelings and given themselves up to another with such completeness that it has become a part of who they are.

This one is the tale of a lady who has held her man in a bond of unbreakable faith and has managed to defeat the devils that a long-distance relationship often deploys to preach lovers apart.

"Our story is kind of like an arranged relationship: his mom set us up – although with an absolutely different motive…"

He is the son of the friend of my sister's husband. On one of my family trips to Delhi, I met Mayank's (name changed) mother. Unlike other women of her age, aunty is a chilled-out sweetheart. We warmed up to each other and got to talking. She told me she had a son my age. Not that it interested me at the time, but he was often discussed in our conversations.

Fast forward to a few months later, and I'm receiving my 12th board marks. Like every Indian household, it was the subject of gossip. Mayank's mom texted me that day. When I asked about his result, she said he was very upset. She thought it might be a good idea for me to talk to him and cheer him up. I was curious about what the son of such a beautiful woman would be like, and I texted him.

Obviously, board marks can only be talked about so much… so the conversations shifted to other subjects – but the funny part was that they didn't end. I liked this guy – he was cute and funny and smart. But he was heartbroken! So much so that his 12th class grades suffered, and so did his faith in relationships (he had lost focus because of a recent bad break-up).


After about two months of casual flirting, we both expressed our feelings to each other. However, the poor boy was so scared of what happens after the "I love you," that he panicked. He simply would not agree to a relationship. That day, I decided that I would have to be the patient one. And I kept myself together for him.

I told him that we would be together soon – that I'd enroll in Delhi University and we would not have to have a long-distance relationship. He was beyond elated at this idea. In February, I decided to visit my sister in Delhi. One evening, when I had the house to myself, I called him over for coffee. He showed up at my door in no time – and I was still in my jammies.

The first thing he said to the smelly, messy-hair, PJ-clad girl was, "I Love You!" I always think of that scene in the third person – that girl wasn't me. If it was me, I'd have collapsed on the floor right then. The way he looked at me would have melted my knees!

That day, we made up our minds! Distance or not, we'd commit to being only of each other. In May, when I knew which university I'd be attending, he broke down once again. Dehradun wasn't Delhi, and he was shattered. Those initial few months of college were really tough for both of us. We'd cry on the phone and send each other gifts of love. It was hard!

But we eventually set up a system. I visited him in Delhi, and he came to see me sometimes – either way, we would see each other occasionally. And on those days, we'd be inseparable in person. On the other days – we were inseparable in our souls.

Not a day goes by when I don't think about him, and not a night when I don't feel like talking to him. But since that fateful day we confessed our love, one thing is definite – we've both grown up a lot. He's a much stronger man, and I'm a more mature woman. I never thought I'd have the strength to pull my bae out of the fears he was so deeply rooted in, and he makes me proud every day. Needless to say, he's the world's best boyfriend (or at least I think so) and treats me more than a girlfriend.

This Valentine's Day, we both share two feelings very strongly – the gratitude to his mom for connecting us, and the love we both have in this relationship. Another feeling we want to share with the couples in long-distance relationships all over the world is that of faith… Keep strong, you guys! Time will try to tear you apart, but fight it – it's worth every painful second.

Mayank and Neha (names changed) have been in a steady relationship for the past seven months now. They have their ups and downs in the relationship but are learning to trust and maturely sort it out. WittyFeed is absolutely delighted that we got to be the platform where such stunning fairy-tales are being shared.

Are you in a long-distance relationship?