9 People Who Have Been Preserved Cryogenically

Frozen bodies to be revived in the future!

9 People Who Have Been Preserved Cryogenically

Cryonics was first suggested in the 1960s by a professor, Robert Ettinger, who argued that death could be a reversible process. Robert's fascination with life made him research whether revival could be possible from cryopreservation or not.

The idea of "preserving the body in the liquid nitrogen or a freezing state until the time technology reanimates and revives the life" has attracted many people over the years. Till now, nearly 350 corpses have been preserved cryogenically and are awaiting immortality. 

However, there's no doubt that cryopreservation is possible but what about the whole coming back to life thing?

Well, here we present some cases of people who have been cryogenically preserved.

1. Dr. James Bedford

Dr. James Bedford

James Bedford, a psych professor, was the first person ever to be frozen. He died on January 12, 1967, and it was completely his wish to be preserved using the freezing method. January 12 is still referred to as 'Bedford Day'.


2. Dick Clair Jones

Dick Clair Jones

The actor, producer, and a writer also seemed to be interested in cryopreservation. He died of AIDS-related infections in 1988 and was immediately put on ice after that.

3. Thomas K. Donaldson

Thomas K. Donaldson

This mathematician believed that the brains of the people, even after dying, continue to function but we don't have such technology that can access it yet. For his sake, let's hope it to be true. Well, he died in 2006 and is assumed to be preserved cryogenically.

4. FM-2030


Yes, his real name was FM-2030. He was born as Fereidoun M. Esfandiary but then he changed his name because he believed his goal of living to be 100. Hence, he predicted that 2030 would be a magical time for him.

5. Dora Kent

Dora Kent

In 1987, she was reported with a fatal case of pneumonia and was unable to recover. When it was found that the death was upon her, she was frozen by the members of Alcor Life Extension Foundation. In fact, her son himself was one of the members of the foundation.

6. Ted Williams 

Ted Williams

Ted Williams, the famous cryogenically preserved person, whose frozen story was a bit controversial. He wanted to be cremated, but his son John Williams wanted him to be preserved after death so that he could have him back through the medicine and technology.

7. John-Henry Williams

John-Henry Williams

John-Henry Williams, son of Ted Williams was also frozen. John was adamant and he wanted his whole family to follow the frozen concept so that they all could get a chance to reunite back in future.

8. A 14-year-old girl from England.

8. A 14-year-old girl from England.

The 14-year-old girl whose name cannot be disclosed for some obvious reasons passed away due to cancer and had been placed into a state of cryogenic suspension. She hoped that she would be finally treated after being brought back to life in the coming decades.

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9. Jerry Leaf 

Jerry Leaf

Jerry Leaf was vice president of Alcor Foundation until he died of heart-attack in 1991. 

Well, if you are thinking that Walt Disney is missing on the list...

Walt Disney

Then let us tell you that the consistent rumors of Uncle Walt being frozen have always managed to create the mystery among all. But it finally got cleared that Walt was not put on ice, in fact, he was interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California, along with his wife, daughter, and son-in-law.

Do you think the people in cryogenic suspension are truly time travelers?