7 Crepe Cakes That You Absolutely Need To Try

Let the deliciousness of crepe creep in!

7 Crepe Cakes That You Absolutely Need To Try

If someone places a huge stack of crepe cake in front of you, then it will take the last ounce of your willpower to resist. We understand that the crepe is the new way to shake up your cake game with unexpected twists of flavor. Thus, today's story is specially dedicated to that lovely dish.

It is a French word that loosely translates to pancake in English. They originated in France and then slowly claimed its place among food lovers from all over the world.

The delicacies are not only sweet but often savory too! Made by heating oil and placing the batter in a circular shape till it turns brown, this little bundle of joy is simply amazing.

1. Chocolate Mousse Crepe Cake

Chocolate Mousse Crepe Cake

Whisk eggs, milk, butter, cocoa powder, sugar, flour, and salt together. Cover it properly and keep it in the fridge for about 5 hours. Take some whipping cream separately and whisk until firm peaks form. Then fold the whipped cream and melted chocolate. Heat oil and prepare the scrapers with the cold flour mix. Keep them thin or small according to your preference.

Keep the first crepe and then put chocolate mousse. Keep repeating to your desired layer. Then coat the entire cake with melted chocolate and fridge. Remove, slice, and serve cold.


2. Pistachio & Coconut Crepe Cake

Pistachio & Coconut Crepe Cake

Blend flour, milk, olive oil, water, eggs, sugar, and salt then refrigerate for a few hours. In hot oil, place the batter in a circular motion and make the crepes. Keep on stacking till you desire and then put in the fridge for an hour.

Properly beat cream cheese and soft butter, then add vanilla extract. Gradually add powdered sugar and keep beating to make it fluffy. Place it in the fridge for some time. Then place one crepe, sprinkle a generous amount of chopped pistachios, and then add some of the cheese frostings. Keep repeating. When done, put a thin layer over the entire cake. Finally, sprinkle sweetened coconut flakes on the top. Refrigerate for 2 hours before serving.

3. Green Tea Crêpe Cake

Green Tea Crêpe Cake

Mix egg yolks, vanilla, milk, and sugar in a pot over medium heat. Whisk until thick and then let it cool for 5 minutes. Whip sugar along with matcha powder and put in the milk mixture. Then add properly whipped heavy cream and mix properly. When done, keep in the refrigerator.

Make the crepe batter using flour, milk, water, egg, melted butter, sugar, matcha powder, and salt. Blend properly and keep in the fridge for over 5 hours. Take out and fry in crepes. Spread them out when done and don't stack them.

Place one crepe and then spread the matcha filling. Keep going and make it as high as you desire. Once done, refrigerate it overnight after wrapping. Enjoy the delicious cake next day.

4. Carrot Crepe Cake with Pineapple Cream

Carrot Crepe Cake with Pineapple Cream

Blend coconut milk, egg, cornstarch, vanilla extract, carrot puree, granulated sugar, and molten butter nicely. Cover the batter and leave in the fridge for 30 minutes. Make the crepe using heated oil or butter and spread them out for cooling.

Make a concentrated puree of pineapple chunks and whisk with cornstarch. Do not forget to add a little bit of salt. Transfer into a pan and cook over medium heat. Stir continuously to make it thick then refrigerate for 2 hours.

Beat cream cheese with sugar and make it fluffy. Mix the pineapple mixture in it, add a little bit of rum and beat till fluffy.

Place one crepe on the plate and then put the mixture. Keep layering up and garnish with baby carrots before serving.

5. Lavender Honey Crepe Cake

Lavender Honey Crepe Cake

Mix flour, coconut oil, salt, and honey until smooth. Make crepes using the batter and let them cool. Make small chopped pieces of lavender and dry toast it for 5 minutes. Keep aside for cooling. In the meantime, whip honey and cream on medium heat till the peaks begin to form. Now add and fold the lavender pieces in the mixture.

Place one crepe on the plate and then the mixture. Repeat till your desired height. Give it a perfect look by putting a scoop of the cream on the top and then a piece of lavender. Don't forget to drizzle some honey.

6. Cranberry Hazelnut Crepe Cake

Cranberry Hazelnut Crepe Cake

The first thing you need to do is make the crepes and set them aside for cooling. For that, blend milk, eggs, flour, water, melted butter, hazelnut flour, orange zest, cranberry sauce, grated ginger, sugar, fresh cranberries and a little bourbon. Make sure the blending is absolutely proper. Leave it in the fridge overnight and then make the crepes.

Combine softened cheese, heavy cream, and powdered sugar in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir and keep cooking until thick then let it cool.

Now, whip heavy cream and sugar properly. Beat cream cheese separately and mix in the mixture.

Place one crepe on the plate and put cream filling over it. Then put the next crepe and level up with cranberry sauce. Keep repeating the steps with alternate filling. Stack up as high as you want, then pour the remaining sauce. Decorated with roasted hazelnut and cranberries. 

7. Smoked Salmon Crepe Cake

Smoked Salmon Crepe Cake

Blend unsalted butter, flour, cream milk, salt, and eggs for the batter. Mix properly and keep in the fridge for 24 hours. Then take out and make the crepes using oil or butter. Spread and let them cool.

Mix crème fraîche cheese, lime zest, dried parsley, and lime juice in a bowl. Place one crepe, then a thin layer of cheese mix, and smoked salmon. Keep continuing till you desire. Then, finish the layering by placing a scoop of cheese mix, then some salmon caviar, and chopped parsley.

Have you ever tried crepe cakes?