Greyhound Dog With A Broken Leg Led The Vets For 3km Because...

The bond between dogs and humans is undefinable!

Greyhound Dog With A Broken Leg Led The Vets For 3km Because...

A Greyhound dog with a broken leg was found wandering in the streets of Southern Spain. Lianne Powell spotted the dog bleeding from the back.

The lady found that the dog had milk, to which in the next instance she thought - "Where are the puppies then?"

The dog was behaving incredible and wanted the lady to follow her.

'Her broken leg was fresh but we don't really know what happened, she could have been hit by a car but she had no other wounds, maybe someone kicked her but we just don't know– it was a clean break.'
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But before following her...


She was taken to the vet for treatment


The dog then made them follow her for 3km.


Belgian expat Ellen, 39, said, ''She led us to them, it was incredible– I couldn't believe what I saw."

She was shocked...


On the fact that it had been only an hour, the dog had met the humans but had decided to trust them.

The dog led Lianne and Ellen to the abandoned car where her puppies laid.


The car was covered in the cardboard boxes.

There were 10 beautiful and healthy puppies.


Ellen said that winter is particularly bad for the breed.


Since, winters being the off-season, the dog owners tend to abandon their dogs and buy new ones.

And there were tears all around.

The Greyhound mom of 10 was named Vera.


The family is now recovering at Ellen's surgery Clinivet Turre.

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Isn't it just incredible that the faith from both the sides led to the saving of the dog family?

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