African Delicacies That You Cannot Miss To Explore

Straight from the land of Africa!

African Delicacies That You Cannot Miss To Explore

Today let us set our compass to explore the cuisine from the exotic continent of Africa. Bless with numerous spices, mostly imported, this cuisine has developed an intense flavor over the years. One bite will fill your mouth with extensive types of flavor that will never fail to entice you.
Here we present unusual dishes that form an integral part of the cuisine of this place that you can recreate in your kitchen to send your taste bud on an international trip.

PS: Some of the ingredients are replaced to suit the Indian audience.

1. Shisa nyama

Shisa nyama

Place large sausages in a bowl then add tomato sauce, steak spice, and crushed chilies. Leave to marinate for an hour. Put the sausages on the skewer and onions on each end. Grill over live coal until nicely done. Serve with fresh bread.


2. Pan fried fish chips

Pan fried fish chips

Put chili powder, pepper, eggs, and salt in a bowl then whisk properly. Make dough using the egg mixture, bread crumb, parsley, garlic, and boiled boneless mashed fish. Shape the dough into a ball or any other shape. Deep fry in hot oil and serve with spicy sauce.

3. Jollof rice & egusi soup

Jollof rice & egusi soup

Jollof Rice

Heat oil in a pot with tightly fit lid. Fry chopped onions till they turn brown and then add tomato paste. Add some sabzi masala, thyme, salt, and chili powder then combine properly. Drop bay leaves and pour water into the pot then let it boil. Add rice after reducing the heat and cover the lid. Place a foil tightly to make sure that it's not open. Cook for about 35 minutes and then remove the cover to stir inside. If you like the texture of the rice, then it is ready to serve. Otherwise, you can cook for a few more minutes before serving.

Egusi  Soup

Heat red palm oil and add the ground egusi (a type of melon seed). Fry till the egusi turns yellow. Add meat stock and stir for some time. If the soup gets too thick occasionally add water to maintain the consistency. Cover the pot and let it simmer for 30 minutes. Once done, add pepper for garnishing and then add boiled meat. Cover and simmer for some time before serving.

4. Mtuzi wa Samaki

Mtuzi wa Samaki

Season fish with pepper and salt then fry properly. Set aside and let it cool. Heat oil in a pan and fry onions with peppers. Then add garlic and saute for some time. Keep adding garam masala, coconut milk, tomatoes, lemon juice, pepper, and salt. Make sure to mix and cook properly. As it is done, slowly put the fried fish and let it simmer. Serve the delicious dish of fish after simmering from 6 to 8 minutes.

5. Cocada Amarela

Cocada amarela

Grate coconut in the finest manner possible and set aside. Take a pan and add water, cloves, sugar then let it boil. Keep on stirring to make sure they are not burnt. When the syrup is ready, reduce the place and remove the cloves. Add grated coconut gradually while you keep stirring. Remove from heat when the mixture turns translucent.

In a bowl, beat egg yolks and then add the syrup. Mix well till they form a consistent mixture. Cover it by keeping medium heat for about 10 minutes. Keep on stirring and ensure that the pudding is thick. Remove from heat and serve after garnishing with ground cinnamon.

6. Cucumber mango salad

Cucumber mango salad

Slice mango, onion, tomato, and cucumber in a thin manner. Chop coriander and parsley. Mix all the ingredients together and drizzle olive oil. Then squeeze lime generously and toss. Add pepper and salt then toss again. Refrigerate for about 20 minutes. Before service toss once more.

7. Ful medames

Ful medames

Boil the Egyptian fava beans with salt, drain, and mash. Use some of the liquid that was used for boiling and then keep aside. Make a mixture using crushed garlic, chili flakes, pepper, salt, ground cumin, lemon juice and extra virgin oil. Pour the mixture over the mashed bean and let it absorb. Mash it once more and garnish with hard boiled sliced egg before serving.

Have you ever tried African dishes?