Twitterati Troll And Warn Donald Trump On His Big Day

It's all happening in America!

Twitterati Troll And Warn Donald Trump On His Big Day

President-elect Donald Trump, who's gearing up to hold the most precious place in America at the White House is all set to deliver his inaugural speech. As he prepares, ahead of the speech, he shared a photograph on Twitter which has initiated another troll on the internet against him.

Billionaire Trump also commented in a "Trumped" way for an outgoing CIA Chief, John Brennan - accusing him of releasing a fake news into the media. In response to which an Anonymous user on Twitter has said, "You'll regret the next four years of your life".

So far these trolls have got more re-tweets and likes than his original post. Let's find out the reaction of Twitter on his recent posts!

Trump shared this picture while writing his presidential inauguration speech!


And within a few milliseconds of his this tweet, people started getting creative, and everyone shared what could be the situation on the other side of that picture.


The very first troll came from Beo Bachter and the troll picture of Trump's speech showed that he might be giving a speech which he'll start by greeting Vladimir Putin.

Just showing off a blank paper?

This user uploaded a zoomed version of the picture that Donald Trump had uploaded and claimed that he is just showing off using a blank paper and a closed sharpie.

People are surprised enough to know that he'll not be bragging at the inaugural speech.

And as you can see, another Twitterati trolled Trump for not using bundles of papers for writing his speech. Ouch-that-hurts!

And the one where he doesn't know how to write!

Yes, now that's a limit, Twitterati! A random user posted a picture of Trump's so-called inaugural speech and wrote over it, "Don's Speach" (correcting the speach with speech).

Bromance is in the air...

A Twitter user, Klara Calavera shared with the whole world "an exclusive look at the Donald Trump's Inaugural Speech" which reads Vladimir Putin and Trump together.

Another random user sharing the draft of his speech on Twitter.

It didn't stop here; these are just top seven from those hundreds of hilarious tweets that Donald Trump has got in replies to his original tweets.

Not only trolls but some serious warnings as well.

A Hacktivist group Anonymous on Twitter has accused Donald Trump of having a link with organised crime and warned him that he'd regret the next four years of his tenure.

Some serious accusations have been made on him.

The group blamed Trump for initiating some serious crimes like, child trafficking, money laundering, and hacking the American elections.

Has Trump left evidences behind?

Looking at the surety with which this group has attacked Donald Trump, it can't be said that it's all done with the purpose of getting some bad publicity.

The Hacktivist group also claimed that nobody can save Trump.

Using foul words against Donald Trump, the group went a little further while making statements on Twitter and said Roy Cohen and Trump's father aren't here to save him anymore.

Reportedly, these tweets from the group have come right after Trump tweeted this.

Trump said, "Outgoing CIA Chief, John Brennan, blasts Pres-Elect Trump on Russia threat. Does not fully understand."

And stretching it a little further he said:

The group Anonymous is continuously trying to Hack Trump and even urged their followers for the same on Twitter by saying "go get him".

The same group has previously hacked Donald Trump even before the Republican Party had chosen him as their nominee. At that time, the Hacktivist group Anonymous had leaked some crucial information from his phone including, voice mails, emails, contacts, and et al.

Well, it seems quite a cat-and-rat kind of relationship, and it'll be interesting to see what turns this relationship will take once Trump becomes the US President.

That's all, folks!

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Now that Trump is taking such a big position, is it ethical to troll him?