Student Anti-Trump Protesters Erupt In New York City

"Screw our President," I heard a protester speak. 

Student Anti-Trump Protesters Erupt In New York City

Nothing has been right since the new elected President Donald Trump has been chosen. There have been endless rumours; fights and let's not forget the tweets that made it to our trending lists. We already had all the idea about protesters breaking out in Washington DC, to mock the fact that the new elected President will finally be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States

They are not happy, and their statements clearly stated that. "Screw our President," a protester shouted out loud. 

Thousands of protesters gathered outside the National Press Club. 

Anti-Trump Protesters


The entire fire was ignited by a young boy. 

Anti-Trump Protesters

Another protester said-

Another protester said-

"We have to be concerned about the direction our country is going. We will resist if you come to get us or our community."

Look at the police all decked up at the National Press Club. 

There were tweets showing off a lot of urge to fight. 

"Better get used to this. This is the New America." 

Police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Some were even left teary and injured. 

I already feel a civil war is coming. Watch the video here: 

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Should America accept Trump respectfully as its President now?