8 Incredible Moments From Golden Globes 2017 

It's the night of celebrity madness. 

8 Incredible Moments From Golden Globes 2017 

When it comes to celebrities getting together for an event, nothing beats Golden Globes. Each year, all the celebs wear extra-glam outfits and party throughout the night despite winning or losing at the awards. 

This year's Golden Globes awards wasn't any different. There were a few bad moments when our favorite celebs lost the award, but true talent definitely triumphed. Whether it was Ryan Gosling picking up the award for La La Land, or the steamy smooch between Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield, the awards night was nothing short of a gala time for all the celebs. 

Let's take a look at some of the memorable moments from Golden Globes 2017. 

1. Jimmy Falon's opening monologue. 


Not only did Jimmy Falon give a great opening act for the Globes, but he also managed to create an awesome spoof for the great movie, La La Land. In this hilarious monologue, Jimmy Falon roasted Trump and Putin as well. 

Overall, Jimmy Falon gave a great performance and the show couldn't have a better start without him. 

2. The steamy kiss between Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds. 

Nobody knew the bro-mance between Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield had taken a step further when Ryan Gosling was announced the winner for La La Land. 

Although, this little stunt happened in the back, but it sure as hell caught everyone's eye. Never the less, these two hunky dudes kissing is something we can't miss out on. 

3. Chris Pratt's first job. 

3. Chris Pratt's first job. 

The celebs put up a skit talking about their first jobs. Viola Davis changed people's bingo cards initially and Sarah Paulson was a waitress at a Pizzaria. 

But the best performance had to be Chris Pratt. At first, he couldn't think of anything but then things turned around. Chris went on saying, "I was a.. golf boy". The minor pause definitely stirred up the audience's interest and he stole the show. 

4. Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn's undeniable chemistry. 

Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn presented the award for best male performance and if their chemistry says anything, they definitely rocked the stage. 

We got a glimpse of their awesome twosome habits here on stage and people can't wait to watch their upcoming movie, Snatch. 

5. Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig's performance. 

The stars from the Despicable Me series presented the award for Best Animated Motion Picture this year. But before that, they greeted the audience with much enthusiasm. 

The duo also spoke about the first time they watched an animated movie and many of us could relate to that. 

From making fun of each others' haircuts to speaking about life experiences, these two were simply adorable onstage. 

6. Ryan Gosling's acceptance speech. 

No matter what happened at the Golden Globes this year, nothing beats Ryan Gosling's speech. He won the award for Best Actor in Musical or Comedy. 

He gave a beautiful speech in tribute to his La La Land co-stars and gave credit to his wife, Eva Mendes. Ryan also gave a bit of comedy before beginning his speech and that seriously charmed the socks off the audience. 

7. Jimmy Falon's moments. 

It's the second appearance in the list, but it could only happen because he's Jimmy Falon. 

He scored amazing performances in the form of tiny clips in the middle of the show and definitely kept the audience entertained. 

8. Emma Stone's awkward hug. 

The awards night don't end without a few cringe-worthy moments but Emma Stone has to top the list. The awkward hug that she gave her La La Land director after he won the award was simply out of the blue. 

But the gorgeous actress handled it with a lot of ease and we love her for that. 

For some more awesome moments, check out this video.