Story Of A Painter 'Thijme Termaat' Who Created His Paintings In Two And A Half Years 

His paintings are sold instantly!

Story Of A Painter 'Thijme Termaat' Who Created His Paintings In Two And A Half Years 

"I Paint, I feel it in every fibre of my body." - Thijme

Thijme Termaat, an artist who is going viral on the internet for all the aesthetic reasons. Thijme belongs to a rural town in Northern Holland, and it might shock most of the people that he is a self-taught painter.

His three-minutes video 'Paint' by Thijme Termaat was created using a stop motion and time-lapse technique with no visual or digital effects. It's so simple to paint like him that Thijme points out it could've been made 100 years ago.

Fun Fact: Every time he puts his painting online on YouTube, within three days of the time it gets viewed in every country on this planet, and soon takes to achieve a million views.

He is not just a normal painter, he is more than that.


In a video interview he said, "The minute I put my paintings online, it's sold! Thijme lives in the south-west of France and loves it when someone calls him an artist painter.

And the biggest breakthrough came for him when..

Thijme managed to accumulate massive followers on his YouTube and Facebook account. French countryside has inspired his art, and it can be seen clearly in his paintings.

As he says, "Being close to nature is beginning to pay off."

With the help of his friends and family, Thijme has formed a commune in a more than a 200-year-old China factory. Thijme percieves, we're all in a cage and still believe that we're free!

Thijme used to earn a decent living with his art but then...

His life got a boost the moment he released his film 'I Paint' about the origin of his paintings.

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For those who believe that his film is played at fast speed. You're wrong!

It's a stop-motion film, which took Thijme more than 2.5 years to complete. His short film, 'I Paint' that has got him all the fame in the society stimulates viewers' imagination and puts them to work. Isn't it something that every artist wants to achieve?

"There's no room whatsoever for personal creativity," says Thijme.

"Paintings are like a staircase with no end; everyone has their perspective and creative process that brings out a different meaning from the same paintings."- says Thijme.

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Thijme has a plan ready for the future as well.

And that plan includes settling down in France itself and building a happy family by keeping his art alive.

Isn't it inspiring to see that a self-taught artist is achieving great heights and getting recognised worldwide for his art? Not just this, Thijme has set a wonderful example in front of the younger generations around the world on how to use the social media positively to put an impact on this world.

That's all, folks!

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