An Inspiring Life Journey Of The India's Marquee Player: Anup Kumar

Something more than just his achievements...

An Inspiring Life Journey Of The India's Marquee Player: Anup Kumar

It's not been long when we were at the edge of our seats or moving furiously during the final match of 2016 Kabaddi World Cup. And, that was the time, when, one name captured all the limelights likely "Anup Kumar and his men had sensed the sky-high expectations and responded splendidly..."

Was it enough to snap out the dust from the past? Well, I assume it yes! *WINK*

Yes, I am talking none other than the best skipper and the star captain of the Indian Kabaddi team, Anup Kumar.

Just after the World Cup 2016, we read plenty of articles regarding his achievements. You might be knowing that he played a key role in India's two gold medal wins at the last two Asian Games.

But!!! That's not enough about him. 

Today, I went in deep research and found something (or say everything) about the life of the India's Marquee exponent.

So, what to wait for? Lock your seat belts and get ready for the ride! *GRIN*

#The hometown and family



Anup was born and brought up in a Hindu-Yadav family from a small village named Palra, in the Gurgaon district of Haryana. 

#When Anup started playing Kabaddi...


Not since childhood, but Anup started playing back in 1996 when he was fourteen. He used to play just to pass the time during his free time at school and then back at home.

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#Anup's family reaction at first!


Initially, his family was very sceptical about his wish to be a kabaddi player. Most of the time his father and brother used to ask him to stop playing and concentrate on studies. But, as the time passed and his family began to realise that Anup was indeed good at sport and was serious about it, they backed him up. And now, according to him, his family is the reason he comes so far.

#The first and foremost step in the fields...


At an early age, while playing a match in Delhi, Anup caught the eye of Amar Singh Yadav, who was then the coach of CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) Kabaddi team. Amar Singh got impressed by his talent, and somehow he managed to get him in the Delhi club, and soon after he was picked as Constable in CRPF in April 2005.

#When Anup realised that he could really make a career in Kabaddi...


Anup didn't take long after paving his way to Delhi team and made it to the Indian side. His first debut for the country was the moment of his realisation that this is what he wanted to do for a living when he played South Asian Games in 2006 held in Sri Lanka.

Not only he played, but also won a gold medal at the Asian Games in Guangzhou that year.

#Anup's career and accolades


The raider on the court, Anup showed his finest performance during the 2010 and 2014 Asian Games, and 2016 World Cup. 

In 2012, Anup was also conferred with the Arjuna Award for his achievements in Kabaddi. He is also employed as the Deputy Commissioner.

#Anup's contribution in Kabaddi League


Anup captained U-Mumba (Kabaddi team based in Mumbai) in all the four seasons and did the commendable job both as a player and as a skipper.

Well, how could one forget the season 2, where U-Mumba took pole position after beating Bengaluru Bulls in the last stage. 

#Anup's favorite move.


If you are truly a Kabaddi fan, then you might be knowing that if Anup Kumar comes in the court to raid, he will try the toe touch. 

Well, every player has a specific move, and Anup's special move is toe touch. He focused a lot in toe touch and practised the move extensively. Any doubt?

#Sachin of Kabaddi


There is no doubt that the calmness of the veteran helped him scale new heights. The one who is the best captain, star raider and also the achiever of skipper's cap in 2016. It's not false to call him the Sachin of Kabaddi. Am I right? 

#The key mantra


Anup believes in the potential of Kabaddi and keeps working hard. He always says, "Hard work always pays off!"

No doubt on his words. Just look where Kabaddi is now! 

#Anup's vision for the sport of Kabaddi in India.


Anup's vision for the sport in India is to see it grow. He wishes to see new players step in and continue to raise our national flag. He wants to see India reach the pinnacle every time the country is on the global stage.

Is there anything I missed? 

Is there anything I missed? 

Feel free to share more facts about Anup Kumar through the comment section.

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